EA working with ‘partners’ while FIFA 15 servers down

- Dec 25, 2014

The official EA Sports FIFA on Twitter has confirmed they are working with Sony and Microsoft while the FIFA 15 FUT servers seem to be down today. As most of Product Reviews readers are aware by now, PSN and Xbox Live are under attack and have been offline for most of December 25.

Many developers are updating gamers directly on their official Twitter channels, so as expected, we see the same from EA Sports. While it might first look like EA’s servers are down, the fact is PS4, Xbox One, and older consoles are not able to connect or sign-in due to a DDOS directed at Sony/Microsoft.


The latest Xbox Live and PSN Status update details services as offline, or “Core Services” being “Limited for Xbox One and 360 owners. This is the biggest outage we have seen in years and of course, it’s on one of the biggest days for online gaming.

You can see the said tweet left by EA Sports FIFA above, which basically answered a question from one FIFA 15 owner that wanted to know why “Ultimate Team is down”. EA made it clear they are “working together” with their “partners to resolve this situation as soon as possible”.

If you try to access most online areas of a PS4 and Xbox One, you will receive error codes. For example, NW-31456-9 is given when trying to see your friends list on PS4, but this is down and PSN is offline right now.

Have you been able to play FIFA 15 online on Dec 25, or any EA game for that matter?

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  • Steve McQueen

    Won and bought a mega promo pack thru FUTMas, they should extend it thru Jan

  • Toby Irwin

    I can get on it with Fifa 13 well thats weird

  • Michael

    It’s taking the piss now

  • Sean

    I just got my Rooney and van persie gosh please work soon

  • Alex Irvine

    im in glasgow and cant get into the servers all day..ahrrr i had rooney and coutiniho stuck in my transfer targets and now they have gone no way EA new xbox one feels useless

  • scott

    Is this the lizard squad hack i heard about?

  • scott

    Cant connect on madden!!

  • sam

    expecting free 100k packs for this

  • jacob

    I can’t connect to ea on Xbox 360 but my friends can help !!!!

    • dan

      its the same here

  • Neil

    I can access fut on my 360 but not on Xbox one are they different servers?

  • erik

    psn server down and now are al my players gone. What is EA
    going to do about this problem?

  • Dunno07

    In a way this is not acceptable surely Sony and Microsoft should have anticipated something like this could happen, how will they compensate Playstation and XBox users for lack of security? its rudiculous how much we spend on Games you would have thought after how many years These companies have been around that they would have their security and servers in order.

    • Alex Irvine

      well said m8.but EA wont care niether will microsoft..

  • SpainAreGoingHome

    Its not to do with the EA Servers its to do with PSN and Xbox being down, when PSN has been up ive been able to get onto FUT no problems

  • ea are crap

    Fifa 15 servers are always down, this is just a handy excuse

  • sahill

    i was planning to buy a 100 dollars worth of coins but i guess i wont since the servers are down

    • Soothsayer

      No you weren’t..

    • AMadrid

      How the F do u buy 100 dollars worth of coins legitimately?

      • Atrain1423

        Use mmoga or another FUT coin website