Destiny servers down as PSN E-8200013A arrives

By Alan Ng - Dec 25, 2014

For some of you, Christmas is about spending time with loved ones and putting the console down for a day. For others though, Christmas is about non stop gaming and today on Christmas Day we can see that PSN is down on December 25 which is specifically affecting the Destiny server status too.

We have just tried to use PSN ourselves, but it looks like the PSN log-in is not working at the time of writing and appears to be affecting users globally.

This is obviously bad news with no prior warning from Sony and we can only hope that it isn’t the work of hackers, who we know are trying to ruin everyone’s fun without any motive.


At this moment though, Destiny is down and the servers are unavailable so those trying to complete the Dark Below quests will have to wait for the time being.

We have received a PSN E-8200013A error message this time, but we understand that some of you may be seeing slightly different error codes as well.

Let us know your status right now, with PSN not working today on Christmas Day. Are you having big problems as well, or have you managed to sign in once again? We’ll update this as necessary, but for now let us know what is happening on your own console.

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  • Nikolajovic

    Down in Serbia

  • Lucas

    It wont even let me log in

  • Scott Ballinger

    I was able to play from 230 am till 230 PM eastern time and I went to switch my class and now it won’t let me back in. I should have just kept playing as my damn titan lol.