PSN down on Dec 24, not maintenance and fix incoming

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 24, 2014

We have no idea why Sony would want to take PSN down today for what seems like some December 24 maintenance, but this is exactly the situation right now with both PS3 and PS4 consoles. Down Today is a popular status website that’s reporting problems with the sign-in on PlayStation consoles, although it’s unclear if this really is PSN maintenance today, or another DDOS attack.

There’s reports being left every few seconds on both Twitter and Down Today, which state PSN is down in maintenance and not working for online play. We should note though that a quick check of Sony’s official status page states, “Online” with no problems.

PSN down with Dec 24 maintenance

This story is developing and the outage has taken place within the last 15 minutes, so this could be a slight glitch or the start of something greater. We will update this article, as we get more from Product Reviews readers, on social networks, and of course directly from Sony support as well.


Is PSN down on Dec 24 for you and if so, do you see a maintenance message and with what error code? We’d also love to know the location, or nearest city to see if this is an outage just in the UK, or something more global.

Update: We are still seeing the green “Online” status at Sony’s website, but this is clearly not the case with thousands of tweets and comments being left in the space of a few minutes.

We have seen that Sony just confirmed the problems with accessing the PS Store and playing games online, as you can see in the tweet above.

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  • PANDORA2400

    the psn store hasn’t worked sense the 24th of Dec please fix it i love PlayStation:)

  • Lionex

    Try using custom wifi settings to change your mtu to 1472.

  • [PSN]

    the estimated time is 4 weeks to get the ps4 server to get back online

  • [PSN]

    the ps4 server are still down as of know but we are hoping to get them back online as fast as we can

  • Yololey

    Psn is down but store works perfectly

    • André Moreira

      not yet 100% though. many users are facing the following issue: you bought a game before the attacks and now you wont be able to download (it indicates you need to buy again).

  • evan

    I just got Destiny today and found out that psn was still down, I got mixed feelings of anger, and sadness I’ve been looking fo ours ard to playing it nd didnt have enough money to buy it until now

  • toni


  • toni

    want someone to buy a playstation

  • jordan saunders

    I can now log into PSN but the store is still down

  • jordan saunders

    Actually going on 4 days now

  • jordan saunders

    I’m in Canada and my psn and store bin down for 3 days now..its like hey take advantage of our holiday sales on PS store etc goodluck getting in.. Wtf Sony 3 days now?

  • J’s_On_Feet

    Can anybody get online on the ps4?

  • J’s_On_Feet

    I need to download FC4 on my ps4 buh the website is still down:(

  • Mario Lisac

    Croatia,Eu same cant load into the frikin playstation store

  • ArnoldSanchz

    Can’;t create a psn account, help me!

  • Waffles

    Back online in Belgium

  • Uday

    up in New England, can’t get into playstation store though but you can play FIFA ultimate team.

  • Even

    Yay, i just got the most expensive ornament for xmas… cheers

  • Isak Agnarsson

    Havent been able to log unto PS4 or PS3 for 4 days now, not my 2 brothers either, that live both seperatly far away.

    • André Moreira

      keep insisting on your ps3… i just got into, but server connection seems to be slow right now

    • KXcarpenter450f

      Dec 27 , am, Vancouver, Canada. Still offline.

  • André Moreira

    I just got online using my ps3! will try ps4 now though

    • André Moreira

      not able through ps4 but it seems a matter of time now to come back!

  • Demetri Gatica

    Man i’m getting on my xbox one F psn.

  • Ameen687

    whats the point of these stupid hacks. i dont get it.

  • Ameen687

    down again fix this! 4th day

  • Makarone

    Everybody grab your Xboxes again, this will take a week + 4 days

  • Makarone

    down in Dominican Republic and FU to PSN

  • toni

    It’s fixt in the Netherlands. I can go online (•_•)

  • link

    down in sweden too what is this what happening

  • storm

    I want to play

  • Anonymous

    Its down in EF omg im gon die!!!!

  • shibby2123

    Down in alabama too

  • PS3_GAMER!


  • Leo

    My Is Still Down In California

  • Leo

    December 25 Morning: PSN Is Still Offline So I Have To Play Single Player. December 25 Sundown: PSN Is Working Again So I Played 4-6 Hours. December 26 Morning: PSN Is Still Working Played From 9:35-12:57 am. December 26 Afternoon: PSN Is Offline Again Please Fix This Sony!

  • Aidan Hennessy

    Been down for 3 days now. Just got the crew 2 days ago and played it for 15 mins. Anybody heard any news yet? So frustrating…

  • perrice

    Its Basically Down EveryWhere

    • Eze Kez

      The moment you realise that waiting till Jan for your new PS4 to arrive isn’t such a bad thing …

  • Eze Kez

    Wanted to play BF3 after 2 weeks MIA, same result. Yes it’s down here in Nigeria too ^_^

  • perrice

    In Maintaince In Madison Wisconsin

  • Anonymous


    • Eze Kez

      lol chill bruh

      • Anonymous

        I CANT CHILL btw im a girl

        • Eze Kez

          ooh hehe my bad. I couldn’t tell, you’re anonymous ya know 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Lol=D What about the eyeball? its a little bit on the female side

        • Eze Kez

          See? I wouldn’t know cos you’re anonymous. I only picked up the rainbow coloured pupil & missed the lashes cos I’m a guy. OR maybe it’s cos I don’t make eye contact with some girls cos they’re so pretty?

        • Anonymous

          Ok then I guess u gotta point but what difference do it make if you make eye contact with them whether they pretty or but ugly

        • Eze Kez

          Nothing really, just that pretty girls can be a bit difficult to look at & well ugly ones are … well an eyesore for me. I’m not saying I won’t look em in the eye, I just don’t want people getting the wrong idea ya know.

        • Anonymous

          i guess u got a point but what difference would it make it u made eye contact with a girl if they was pretty or butt ugly??

        • Anonymous

          BLAH I guess you got a point, but what difference would it make if you made eye contact with someone if they were pretty or ugly?

  • Anonymous

    I JUST FREAKIN GOT A NEW GAME AND I ONLY GOT TO PLAY FOR LIKE FRICKIN 30 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Still down for me in Monroe, North Carolina

  • Parthiv Bomma

    Down in india too

  • night hawk

    got in for a second then it went back to maintenance

  • Joel Andersson

    Down… downdowndowndowndowndowndowndown ffffffffffsssssss DDDDDDDDDDOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWNNNNNNNNNNNNN in Uppsala, Sweden. 🙁

  • ArnoldSanchz

    Still down Toronto, Canada

  • Jordon

    Still down in perth Australia

  • PrimZa-


  • PrimZa-


  • bruh2000

    still down in canada

  • Tuan5547

    still down in Texas

  • Jemuel

    Still now in the Philippines. Gah.

    • Jemuel

      Still down*

  • David

    still down in New York

  • Tuan5547

    This might take a while then

  • kthomas

    Still down in vancouver, we should get a free game, or a a budget we can spend, because we missed Christmas for this

  • Steve

    Maryland still down. Wtf. I want a freebie

  • Whiteboy

    Its still not working in ky

  • Taylor

    is it back on?

  • Taylor

    yea ik can someone please email me at and tell me when
    its back on

  • J’s_On_Feet

    Thank the guy who made the hacking stop buh i dont have the patiences for this aftermath bullsh**.

  • Taylor

    yea this sucks

  • john

    Its down in the UK as well.

  • Taylor

    Gabriel: Unfortunately no, I can not provided you a time frame for the resolution but try to connect in a later time we hope to have this resolved soon.Usted: ok thanks and we should get free stuff from going down 2 days in a rowGabriel: That should be great, we do not have that option available right now but we appreciate your feedback.

  • Taylor

    Gabriel: At this moment the PSN is down, but rest assured since we are currently working to have the servers up and running again. We apologize for the inconvenience and we appreciate your patience. We kindly advice you to try again later on today. Thank you for understanding.Gabriel: I can not provide you an estimated time about the time this will be resolved but please try to connect again today in later time.Gabriel: I don’t want to set false expectation and that’s why I do not provide you with an estimated time on when this should be fix but we are working to have this resolved as soon as possible.

  • Taylor

    Im talking to Sony now

  • john iririr

    West virginia is out to..when is it g
    oing to be back on

  • Taylor

    when will it be back on?

  • Alex

    Still down in Melbourne Australia

  • J’s_On_Feet

    Still down in Florida, US

  • ArnoldSanchz

    Still down Toronto, Canada

  • max

    down in Green Bay, WI CE-35287-5

  • Kymene

    Down in Victoria BC Canada, 80710092

  • austyn

    just went down about 15 mins ago in Illinois USA

  • chris

    Is this why we pay for “dedicated servers”… the only advantage you had over xbox with the ps3 was it was free online play but now your charging 50 a year for crap servers that are always hacked while xbox got theres up and running. … next generation im going xbox, paying for “dedicated servers”that always get hacked while all my friends enjoy there xbox is a complete joke. .. good bye Sony, done with you guys

  • Safak

    Still down in Sweden

  • tommy

    Still down chesapeake virginia

  • isaiah

    Still down Hutchinson. KS

  • Arnold Sanchez

    Still down, Toronto, Canada

  • Arsalan

    screw those Lizard group hackers, just because of a movie? do your hacking somewhere, and leave the gaming industries out of it

  • Jeffery Coffey

    Work for a few hours starting at about 2 am now its down again