Xur festivity for December 26 to 28

By Alan Ng - Apr 15, 2015

Christmas may be looming, but we are still expecting Xur to turn up in a new spot in the tower this week. Destiny’s Xur location on December 26 is going to have a Christmas theme and we are wondering if Bungie has any special plans in store for players.

By this we mean some Christmas items when Xur shows up that will be limited exclusives. Imagine if we see Xur’s new items this week include some Christmas gear which will transform the way players look for a few days only.

We would love to see it happen, although equally as happy if Xur finally offers the Icebreaker for sale. Last week we had the Patience and Time of course, which was a welcome change from what we’ve seen so far.


Most will agree though, that the Icebreaker or the Gjallarhorn are the two weapons which players want to see from Xur, so let’s see if Bungie will offer them as a Christmas surprise by deliberately influencing Xur’s RNG wares.

Where do you think the Agent of the Nine location this week will be? Last week we saw him by the speaker area and it actually took a while to find this time around.

Remember that Xur will appear at 1am Pacific Time, or 4am Eastern Time in the US. That means for those in the UK, Xur spawn on December 26 will happen at 9am UK on Boxing Day.

We hope players enjoy a great Christmas. If you are excited about seeing Xur on Boxing Day, let us know where you think he will be and what you want to sell this week for Christmas.

Update: Xur is near the Vanguards, this video reveals the location and items.

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  • shonobi08

    Well if psn would fix already I would love to upgrade everthing

  • itzblastoise

    Where is he!!!!!!!!!; 🙁

  • Rob Rodriguez

    I want a helm of the saint…haven’t seen that at all. Also would like to be able to get character specific exotic armor instead of a different class. Have yet to get my hands on the helm of the saint for my Titan 🙁

  • bradley

    anyone else want the last word?

    • nymph

      I have it it’s a nice guy if he sells it id but another

      • Matt

        It wasn’t an opinion.

  • nymph

    stan keep your own options to your damn self

  • Greg Krilov

    suros is alright but really i rather run fatebringer on primary and ice breaker or g-horn as the exotic.. i hope he has g-horn upgrade this weekend

  • Whyit1

    I really want him to show up in that tree by the gunsmith… Don’t ask why

  • avilocc

    man im i the only one who doesn’t care about the icebreaker very much like dude stop with the ice breaker the only guns i really am looking foward for xur to sell is g-horn,suros, or the thorn

    • he cant sell thorn, thats a bounty, they need to keep g-horn more exclusive, he has to sell suros because that or red death is all i crave

  • Am I the only one that wants the Red Death?

  • Ray Hopkins

    We’ll see IF XBL and PSN can get their services back up before we pray to the RNG gods.

  • YoloSwaggins

    Vex Mythoclast, Suros Regime, Icebreaker or nothing!

    • it cant be vex, screw icebreaker, I want suros

  • daponte_04

    Just got my 5th Gjallarhorn after doing VOG yesterday. I don’t want Xur to sell it, rather the chance to upgrade it.

    • duck

      And i hope it never gets fixed:)

  • William

    Suros Please xD Got Gjhallarhorn as nightfall and icebreaker from raid need suros from xur 😀

  • Ben Caldwell

    Why does everyone want Gjhallarhorn? I got it in the first chest in Crotas End. At the start of the raid. And I’ve only been there twice. Is it that rare or something?

    • It’s arguably the most powerful gun in the game.

      • i like truth better, ghorns over rated i have both

        • Jerry

          You are crazy. I scrapped my truth. Ghallahorn with the wolf pack round upgrade should be considered cheating.

  • john

    a discount would be nice seeing as i only have 6 strange coins 🙁

    • thats simply pathetic, don’t be a begger, you don’t deserve to play this game

  • Paul

    The Ice Breaker was on sale like week two or three. Half my clan purchased it.

  • darkzinc

    i think its bs selling the ice breaker and Gjallarhorn. the ice breaker has a chance to come out of the chest VoG i have two on me. As for the Gjallarhorn i had to do weeklys and nightfall everyweek to get it. So why are even trying to farm and work our butts off to get weapons when your just going to sell them off. Before you know it he will sell the husk of the pit.

    • looseifher

      I’ve never understood this argument for.the fact that you still need to farm coins and play the game to be able to buy thr weapons opposed to having RNGesus deem you worthy of having the weapon or gear

    • Nick Kaptur

      Apparently you aren’t OG because if you were you would know that Icebreaker and Gjallarhorn were sold the first two weeks Xur came to the tower. To think he would never sell these items would be ludicrous. Get off your high horse prick. You don’t even know the struggles of launch day light leveling

  • KingJordan

    I would love to have an ice breaker suros regime would be wonderful as well

  • NFG Phantom

    I’m fine with anything I’m just greatful that he even sells us anything. Thanks destiny for putting xur in the game

  • Lea

    Omg why vex…keep playing vog hard. The whole world wants a GJALLAHORN. But I’m guessing the dragons breath since everyone’s been cheesin naughty.

    • cerrone

      Dragons breath doesn’t track target though, incidentely, I got it from a crucible match.

  • MaverickTHEHulK

    Would love to see the vex gun as a special Christmas/holiday sale. That’d be awesome!

    • Anthony

      No that would be unfair to the people who took the time to do the hard raid

  • MK617

    Please sell a upgrade for vex

  • Dolanday

    I hope he sells suros, but ice breaker would be great too. I need to use my 70+ strange coins

  • Ben

    Please don’t sell any thing listed on this blog there are way more guns then these 2 maybe ppl should of grind day 1 cause he sold the items before

  • J

    Honestly I would like to see the suros regime again, it doesn’t really matter to me. Bungie has been very generous the past couple weeks or I’ve been playing to much. But they gave me the ice breaker a couple days ago and gjallahorn. I’ve also been waiting for xur since I finished the bad juju bounty for the second time around. Friday can’t come fast enough! Hopefully he has cool stuff and happy holidays everyone who loves destiny!

  • Cytryz

    ahhh I forgot. Having all available is cool but if we cant have that maybe everything is much cheaper and still have a good selection 😀

  • Cytryz

    for christmas he should offer all of them. that’d be so cool. :3 but I really just want No land beyond for pvp and Ice Breaker for PVE

  • Graeme Willy

    They should make it so Xur sells everything he could possibly sell. Players would still be limited in their selections, since you can only earn so many strange coins a week, but at least it would insure that players finally get their most preferred selection/s first. I already have a sh*t ton of exotics, so I can care less about purchasing anything. Ice Breaker is probably the only thing I’d consider, since it’s probably the only thing I don’t have…and I guess my warlock chick can use an exotic helm of some sort…that’s about it.

    • Hugh-Janus

      I got my Icebreaker from the crucible before the Crota DLC was released.

      • Bob

        And your point is? How does this contribute to the conversation in any meaningful or constructive way?