Where is Santa Claus in live Dec 2014 map tracker

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 12, 2018

Where is Santa Claus on December 24, 2014? This is what some families will be thinking on Christmas Eve and within this article, we want to help you find out with the 2014 Santa tracker using a number of online services.

There’s already a countdown live to when Santa will start his journey from the north pole and travel around the world. Once the countdown reaches zero, then you will see live exactly where he is now and the nearest city with some extreme locations.

Where is Santa Claus at right now? You can track his location live thanks to the embedded media below on this very page, so if you are looking before Dec 24, then it will feature a countdown until the live tracking starts.


The image above is a screenshot from one of the trackers during last Christmas Eve, so this isn’t current but gives you an idea of what to expect. The latest media and live tracking is below.

We have included a couple of options to find out where is Santa within a live map thanks to a 2014 tracker from Norad, and another from Google’s own mapping technology. You can choose either of these methods below this article.

Share comments below with the city you are tracking Santa Claus from and what gifts you hope to get this year. There’s also an Android app that works with smart watches.

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  • Susan

    Thanks, we love tracking santa on the 24th with our kids. It’s part of the fun every year and makes it more special.

  • Rob

    I really want a PS4 and Xbox One, but I guess Santa might only bring me one if I have been good.