GTA V 1.20 update live, joins 1.06 notes

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 23, 2014

We have just seen the Grand Theft Auto V 1.20 update go live on PS4, which comes along with patch notes for the GTA V 1.06 PS4 update as well. This is within the same hour we had been looking at when Heists would arrive in early 2015, so seeing the patch took us by surprise.

Right now, we don’t know exactly what’s included in this patch, but we have published the GTA V 1.06 update notes below that can be seen from the icon download history.

As you can see below, the PS4 update includes “additional fixes for GTA Online to improve stability”. It’s not clear if this is a vital bug fix on the traditional Tuesday for downloads, or if this patch was needed to deliver the snow to GTA Online, but we will find out more in the coming hour.


Has the GTA V 1.20 version on PS3 and 1.06 update version on PS4 gone live for you yet? Also, if you are running the game on Xbox please leave a comment with the version number below.

This download only went live within the last 15 minutes and earlier than normal Tuesday updates, so Rockstar Games is yet to post news to their newswire. Product Reviews normally breaks the news before the official blog, so again leave comments with anything you notice after installing.

The file size on PS4 is well over 1GB once again, so this is a pretty sizeable install that you might want to start soon. It’s also strange to see two updates so close together, unless again this is for the snowball fights rather than just bug fixes.

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  • 9kyuubi

    i got a free mask, 3 molotovs, 3 proximity mines, firework launcher with 5 rockets and 200 carbine rifle ammo. Haven’t played in about a week and a half but im sure the last update i got didnt give me these. On ps3

  • Rizzo44

    It’s not really an update if the snow is only for 2 days. They should have added this for 1.19

  • Fred8ear

    I had snow before the 1.20 update and it just went live for me. Haven’t noticed anything new yet.

  • BlackNB

    1.20 upadate fixes invites, ads snow and snowball fights and probly gifts, but havent gotten any gifts yet

    • SwaggerMcDagger

      Gifts are distributed on Christmas day

  • doofus212

    Jus got snow

  • fipfsd

    What stupid click bait post.

    • justerthought

      You guys taking the moral high ground make me laugh. You know it’s click bait and yet you get yourself hooked and feed it by complaining. From where I’m sitting, they won, you lost. That makes them clever and you stupid. If it truly is click bait and you want to do your bit to stop it, you should deny it oxygen by ignoring it and hope everyone else does the same.

  • Ahad Sadiq

    nothing new

  • Aaron

    people who couldn’t join worlds with freinds becuz they haven’t completed tutorial , can now play

  • Grant Sheppard

    Nothing new so far!

  • Montella24

    i just downloaded it and nothing new so far

  • Krga-Gaming-2001

    U re really stupid patch 1.20 for ps3/xbox360 only fixed that u couldn’t join or invite friends they allready released new cars in festive update u really think they gonna release new cars 2 days after festive update is being released no bro.Add me for fun gta ps3 KrGa-GaMiNg-2001

    • Ty

      Hey you want to join my crew

  • Ruff

    They are hard too see bc it just started but a few flakes are falling


    Everyone playing GTA Online on PS4 add me for fun in GTA. PSN orankins. From partying to car shows we have fun. We also killers lol. Come have fun. Add me PSN orankins

  • M o n k _ TMoney

    just updated. nothing new for ps3 other then the invite friends disabled* is now fixed. no new guns, cars, or clothes. Why rockstar?

  • havoc

    Got the 1.20 on ps3 today. Only 67 mb.

  • Harry

    The patch fixed a problem in whitch you couldn’t invite friends into an online session

  • rocco

    Just got the ps3 patch.

  • Ps3

    I’m on ps3 and I got the patch but only 67mb

  • Australia

    im not able to download the patch, as soon as i select ok ….. blank screen :(. …..

    • Alex

      Same here, restarted my ps3 (plugged out the wire… Couse the button didn’t work) and now its running on 1.20

  • Bezerkme

    Its taking forever to download D: error

  • paris

    Theres nothing noticiable so far no snow ,snowball fights ,snowing or hiest yet for ps3

    • HealerNation

      the problem of inviting you’re friend is fixed
      1.19 for some reason if you want to invite your friend it says something with a tutorial now the new patch (1.20) it is fixed (: sorry bad English

  • meanjokers

    i just downloaded it not even a an hour ago and i cant find anything different with the game than i did yesterday

    • bsa781

      friends list is fixed

  • Tykeriaaa

    I Jus Downloaded 1.20 For GTAV On My PS3

  • Tykeriaaa

    I Jus Download It On PS3

  • Alfa Alpha

    It’s live for me on ps3 too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Glaceon1049

    I see nothing

    • Almighty 300

      ikr wtf.

  • Poopie brown stockings

    67MB and its snowball fights and snow

  • Guest

    I can see them now

  • InfamousAngel

    Its snow, im on PS4 after downloading the patch i see a few flakes falling, Rockstar said the snow would be dynamic this proves that

  • EagleEye

    It’s live for me on ps3 !!

    • Sting


  • Andres Rebman

    There is a new feature to expectate friends but it’s in beta and they fix the issue where you can now invite friends again

  • OMG_its_ZASH

    I’m on PS3 and the patch is live. I don’t know how long it’s been up, but I’d say a couple of mins. (30 mins? And hour?) but I just downloaded it, it was, I think, a 96-97 MB download. I thought to myself that it’s just the snow and extra content but it wasn’t.

    • Bruno

      Well tell us what else changed 🙂

      • OMG_its_ZASH

        I’m not sure what changed. It was probably some fixes. Earlier in a lobby today, some guys were hacking in weapons and money, so I’m not suprised if this update is a fix. It probably added the new Firework Launcher and Fireworks to the ammo store.
        All I actually did was update and check for snow, and got off.
        Plus, I’ve seen some people say it’s just fixes, so I’ll also say it’s maybe just fixes.

        • Bruno

          I’ll check out ammunation later then xD but ye it might just be fixes cause i haven’t seen anything else