GTA Online 1.22 update with mountain snow missing

- Dec 23, 2014

Grand Theft Auto V version numbers have been confusing certain players, so we just want to update our readers with a couple of facts. First up, the GTA Online 1.22 update is the correct version when you check the settings on a PS4 for the multiplayer mode, although the patch file downloaded to the console is version 1.06. There’s no snow falling at the time of writing.

It’s not clear if all GTA Online versions are now 1.22 after the update, but we’d expect that to be the case with the install files having different figures dependent on the console. We can confirm that PS3 users downloaded the 1.20 update file today, PS4 owners at 1.06, and the GTA Online version for the latest PlayStation console can be seen in the screenshot we just took below.


GTA Online 1.22 update with mountain snow missing – as you can see in the screen below, we took a car up into the mountains and found no snow in GTA Online after installing the December 23 update. In fact, it looks nice and sunny in the locations we visited but we are expecting snowflakes in the coming hours.


Rockstar promised the snow would fall dynamically in Grand Theft Auto V, so this means snowflakes and the ability to have snow fights once enough snow lands on the ground. We took a trip to the mountain area just in case snow is already falling there first, but sadly we found nothing but sunny hills.

Is the snow missing from your GTA V Online game after the update today and if so, what online version are you running? Also, what download file version did you see and name the console you’re using as well. Some people already managed to have snowball fights early, as we reported the other day.

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  • Jaizi

    Where is the snow in gta online ?? i updated all 20 updates.. but still i can’t see snow in gta online 🙁
    help me

  • sean

    Can’t see the snow, just installed the update, so where is it!?

  • jason

    It was snowing and I’ve had snowball fights…ps4

  • Dummass Dumbos

    Not snowing ……anymore ..

  • Grant Sheppard

    Its snowing! ps3

  • Luke

    It’s snowing now guys. 🙂

  • YAN

    it snows everywhere equally, not just the mountains.

  • Ada.

    Snow is to arrive Christmas eve morning. Last 3 days.

  • UDUKToxicRhy

    the snow isn’t going to arrive to late crimbo eve/crimbo day time just like last year

  • RebelMind

    I have a bad feeling about the snow even arriving today. I suggest nobody gets their hopes up, seeing as it’s been clearly 5 or 6 hours after the 1.22 update & still no sign of weather changes.

  • RebelMind

    I’ll keep people updated if anything changes

  • RebelMind

    Downloaded 1.22 on PS4 no snow! It’s 10:00 am Tuesday still no snow

  • No new update on the Xbox One so far. However, I have been at version 1.21 since last week’s update.

  • Billy

    I also went up high on the PS4 version, no snow anywhere yet.