MOTA iPhone 6 Plus battery case review, Mophie Juice still missing

The MOTA iPhone 6 battery case has finally been released, and looking over a recent video review, which you can see below, it does highlight the need for the Mophie Juice iPhone 6 case. We still cannot understand why it is missing; although once you see the former model you might reconsider the latter.

Ok, so we know that MOTA is not original with the naming of its new case, the Battery Case, but you cannot argue with its price, which is slightly cheaper than the most expensive version of the Juice for the iPhone 5S, and also comes with more battery capacity, especially the 6 Plus.

In the video below you get to see a hands-on with the Mota iPhone 6 Plus Charging Case, which explains its design and what you get in the box. You will be pleased to know you get two detachable frames, ideal if you get bored with the same color.

MOTA iPhone 6 Plus battery case

Looking at the case, there is a fear its sliding design might scratch the phone and so would benefit from felt in the outer-frame to protect it, but time will tell if this is an issue or not.

We also have a second video review and the guy in the video says he was able to get two and a half days of usage from his iPhone 6 Plus when placed inside this battery case.

You can find more details on the MOTA website, along with pricing and availability.

With more cases of this type now being released, how long are you prepared to wait for Mophie to get its act together and release a Juice case for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus?



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