Clash of Clans stuck at loading screen, fix for problem fails

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 22, 2014

Clash of Clans is stuck at the loading splash screen today for thousands of Android and iOS gamers. Earlier today we touched on this problem and reached out to Supercell in regard to a fix, although since that article we saw a second short maintenance break take place that seemed to be for the restarting problems.

The official word on the second downtime was “to increase server capacity”, although it’s strange to see two outages within a few hours of each other. It’s even more strange just after hearing about Clash of Clans getting stuck on the loading screen for Android devices, and the app restarting by itself in some type of loading loop.

One Product Reviews user mentioned, “I tried to play Clash of Clans earlier today, but it kept restarting after crashing. I noticed another maintenance break took place a few hours later, but CoC still keeps loading over and over with no progress on the splash screen”. You can see a screenshot below this article, which is exactly the loading screen people are seeing today before the game restarts.


Another one of our readers said they managed to fix the Clash of Clans loading problem themselves. This is what they said, “I had the same problem with the app keep restarting after it launched. I fixed it by turning my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone to Airplane Mode, connecting to WiFi and relaunch the app. When it loaded the files, the issue was fixed”.

It’s been 3 hours seen the official Twitter channel said, “We’re back” for the second time. Reactions to this tweet include many users talking about the restarting issues, with one saying “my CoC still just says downloading content and refreshing”. Another saying, “cannot restart app, it just keep looping through the splash screen and startup music”.

Have you seen things improve since the apparent fix after a second maintenance break, or does Clash of Clans still have a loading screen problem for you?

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  • Rox

    It goes to splash screen then to loading content then back to splash screen.😡

  • Joseph shifrar

    Still not able to load game. Have tried all suggestions and still no go.

  • Maqbool

    The game is in an endless reloading loop but is not loading at all and says no connection even when network is present

  • Anh Khoa Nguyen

    I have a problem. I am not downloading content.How to fix it??

  • Rìshìè Singh

    I ave followed that airplane mode fix but it didn’t is that because my phone is rooted or a general one .

  • fix it

    Always crashing in halfway of loading

  • Guest

    i am connected to my wifi but its shows the same problem it got stuck at loading

  • rusty

    When it says downloading content, you need to be connected to a WiFi for it to work. Otherwise it will continue to restart

    • Akash Kumar

      i am connected to my wifi but its shows the same problem it got stuck at loading.

  • Akash Kumar

    I play coc on bluestacks and from tomm. after the maintainance it is not opening the page it shows downloading content and it goes in a loop again and again i want to know how could fix it or it will be fixed soon??

  • Colin

    My iPhone is still looping after I tried the suggested fix

  • Usi

    On my iphone, after reinstall, works fine, on my ipad still the same restarting game…whats happening?! And ofcourse i reinstall the game on my ipad but that doesnt change a thing!

  • josh

    Coc need to do something asap

  • trena

    Mine is still looping tries airplane mode does nothing restarted nothing

  • josh

    Y i need to go on it but this is just downloading content and looping please help

  • Haylee

    I tried mike’s fix but still loops between the main screen and the starting music.

  • Jon

    I had the same problem and tried Mike’s fix below. I turned off wifi on my phone, it downloaded the content and I was in. I then closed Clash of Clans, turned wifi back on, and was able to get back in successfully. Thanks Mike!

  • Mike

    If I turn off wifi on my phone, then it will load but goes slow

  • Mark

    my keeps reloading over and over