Clash of Clans keeps restarting for thousands after update

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 22, 2014

Moments ago we reported about a Clash of Clans update and now it’s clear the app keeps restarting for thousands of players after the update today. This isn’t the first time a problem like this has occurred, as you can see from back in September, but the latest issue reported on December 22 has led to many tweets in regard to restarts.

One Product Reviews reader said, “I have tried restarting my phone, re-installing the app itself, but Clash of Clans still won’t load my village since this update”. Another added, “Clash of Clans can’t load since the update today, it keeps restarting and won’t open”.


We have also received an email since out news article earlier today about the maintenance break. This very email first highlighted the issues to us today, as such we took a closer look on Twitter and other social networks for reports about Clash of Clans restarting. This revealed a big issue, which could be related to trying to play right after the maintenance break or something bigger.

You can see some tweets below as well that have only landed within the last hour and detail Clash of Clans users finding the app keeps restarting after the update today. Take a look below to see what we mean.

Have you had problems with Clash of Clans restarting since the Dec 22 update and if so, have you managed to fix the problem? The tweets above are only a small taste of complaints, as you will find many more on both Twitter and Facebook.

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  • Lanham Michael

    Was fine till tonight. Now it will load the game but if i try to attack or anything it kicks me off the game and reboots. I have tried with/without wifi, restarted phone twice, redownloaded the game, etc and nothing has worked.

  • Sarat Chandra PV

    Mine restarts once and then works fine everytime i open CoC

  • Russ

    Found a fix: go to your wifi connections on your device and change DNS to Worked for me.

    • Gouda

      Yes it works

  • Russ

    Same problem for me as well. Tried reinstalling, turning off device, resetting device to factory settings then reinstalling, nothing has worked.

  • Luis

    Exact same problem started this morning. Keeps restarting. Tried uninstalling, reinstalling, restarting phone, none worked.

  • Tom

    Same here. Keeps on restarting. Need help

  • Jane


  • sassypants

    It’s in a constant loop of the opening supercell screen and the downloading content screen.

  • TrashMan

    I’m ready to be done with this game and go back to my Xbox

  • TrashMan

    What is going on can’t log in to clash of clans but I’m getting attacked

  • Grr

    same here, constant restarts. “downloading content” at bottom of screen.

  • Mike

    I can’t get the app to open, it just restarts.