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Apple 12 days of gifts still has time for 2014

One of the most searched for apps on the App Store is Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts, as iOS users are looking to download this year’s version. However, it is still not available, which does seem strange seeing as though the Apple 12 days of gift for 2014 app should have been ready to download by now.

Going on previous years we would say the app is around a week or two late now, and while there is still no sign of the Apple 12 days of Christmas app on iTunes, it still has time. We say this because the start date is not until December 26th, so there is still another four days to go.

Apple 12 days of gifts

Several Product-reviews readers have been searching a few times a day to see if Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts has been released, and each time they are left with great disappointment, just as we are. Those of you that have last year’s version still installed will notice a message appear once that app opens saying, “Access Denied”.

There is a fear that Apple could skip its yearly festive promotion, especially as the company never offered any deals during this Black Friday or Cyber Monday, which is out of character. One has to wonder if Apple has decided to stop these promotions, as it might feel as though it cheapens the brand?

Having said that, it is good promotion to give a little, seeing as though Apple’s customer base is very faithful. It sends out the wrong signals for a company to charge a premium and to not appreciate its customers.

If this app was to go live before Dec. 26, then what would you like the Apple 12 days of gifts list to consist of?



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