Advanced Warfare now freezing on PS4, wait for 1.09 update

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 22, 2014

We heard that the PS3 version of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is still freezing since the latest update and some rumors surfaced about problems on PlayStation 4. This past weekend we performed a few tests and while the results didn’t reveal the extent of crashing, or freezes, seen with the PS3 version, we did experience Advanced Warfare freezing on PS4 leaving us desiring the 1.09 update.

In a 2-hour gaming session, COD Advanced Warfare freezes up on our PS4 a couple of times. This isn’t a major issue, but when you have to hard restart your machine thanks to no controls working, it can be very annoying. This morning we run another test for one hour, which also resulted in one crash and the screen just freezing at the point seen in the screenshot below.


During this particular test we didn’t even get into a game, as you can see we landed in “Spectating” and couldn’t do anything. Sometimes you can exit the app/game you are in and return to the main PS4 menu, but during these Advanced Warfare freezes nothing works at all.

We have reviewed different elements of COD Advanced Warfare on this very PS4, but this weekend is the first time we received any freezing and can only imagine the problems were introduced with update 1.08.

Have you had increased issues with Advanced Warfare on PS4 since the last patch, if so what would you like the 1.09 update to fix?

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  • reaper

    I still can’t change my clan tag I can only use custom

  • reg

    Ever since 1.08 my campaign saves keep crashing out fix this issue. I had to uninstall it from the ps4 and reinstall ot without updating the game to play.

  • Tay

    I would like to see the reduce blood on the screen when you get shot at. I can barely see the screen when I’m one shot & the map when some one approach me . That would be a judge fix.

  • stven

    the game froze on the first screen where you see the back of the guy with an exosuit

    • JLO

      Mine is freezing on the same screen, cant even get into the game to play campaign mode!!! Come on Sony, its about time to step it up huh? Getting real tired of all the problems….