GTA V Snowball fights, snow streets live early

We have some exciting GTA V news to bring you now, as it looks like the upcoming GTA V snowball fights and snow in the game has leaked early. We have told you about the arrival of gradient snow weeks ago, but now we have the first gameplay confirming this surprise as fact.

As most of you know, Rockstar has now launched the GTA Online festive surprise on all platforms, but snow is not live in the game at the moment.

Rumors suggest that this will go live on December 23rd as we’ve told you, but some modders have already managed to activate it right now, including unlocking snowball fights in the game!


As you will see in the video below, players will be able to pick up snow from the ground, roll it into a ball and then unload on whoever you like with snowballs mounting up in your weapon inventory.

You can even knock people down if your aim is good enough and it looks hilarious. Throwing snowballs at cars too will also show the snow textures on the car which is a great touch.

This video provides a great teaser of what is to come next week in GTA Online. Watch it and let us know what you think – are you amazed that some players have managed to unlock this feature early?



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