GTA V PC minimum specs requirements by Xmas Day

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 19, 2014

The Grand Theft Auto V PC minimum specs requirements will be with gamers by Christmas Day. This news came directly from Rockstar within and following their Q&A blog post, which basically detailed the minimum GTA V PC specs will release within the “coming week”.

Considering this news arrived a couple of days ago, if Rockstar Games keep to this promise you should see the specification list by Xmas Day 2014.

PC gamers have been crying out for information for weeks and in some cases feel they have been left to last, behind Xbox One and PS4. This promise from Rockstar should be kept, although the company has managed to get away with delaying Heists for many months and now until 2015.

GTA V PC minimum specs requirements by Xmas Day

The GTA V PC release date has been set for January 27, although all platforms should look forward to story DLC in 2015 as well. The content is still being worked on, according to the Franklin actor.

Do you think your gaming rig will handle the GTA V PC minimum requirements? Leave your comments below, or take a look at this news about the PC version running at 60fps.

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