Destiny Xur’s new items sadness over Icebreaker, Gjallarhorn

By Alan Ng - Dec 19, 2014

Yet again, we have another week of Xur’s new items and yet again, there’s no Icebreaker Sniper Rifle. We know that many of you missed it the first time and are waiting to buy it again, but sadly it hasn’t showed up.

At this point, it seems like Bungie’s RNG system is toying with our feelings right now. Emotions are running high as we can see on social media with the obvious question being – “Bungie, when will Xur sell the Icebreaker again?”

The answer to this question is easy however, as Bungie wouldn’t know themselves. The way they have set up Xur is that all items chosen are completely random and it’s why we had the Plan C two weeks in a row recently.


The same will apply to the Icebreaker and the Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher – they could show up next week, or they could show up next Summer, it’s that simple.

Should Bungie change their algorithm though just to cater to the demand? We doubt they would alter with Xur’s inventory deliberately, but we do see Bungie offering an alternative route to the Icebreaker via some kind of event – that would be the best way to do it in our opinion.

As it stands though, two of the best weapons in Destiny if not the best are not available again. Give us your thoughts on this – did you save up Strange Coins for the Icebreaker and/or Gjallarhorn, only be disappointed again?

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  • LoganSR71

    Over the past 3 weeks I’ve gotten 5 Ghorns……please….can I give 4 away or even trade (I know its not an option)…….

  • Ross

    I got ice breaker when xur sold it. Plus,lucky for me, i got it in a drop from nightfall. Still waiting for gally launcher tho. VOG gave me my 2nd vex. Xbox one gt Y MONSTER MUNCH

  • Chris Goins

    Bungie needs to do this they need to one time have all exotic weapons and gear in xur’s list when he comes next weekend for the the fact of servers down people not being able to get the ice breaker when it was available when everyone was just starting just my opinion and the event would be a great idea cause trying to get it in the vault of glass u have only three chances a week which sucks cause I’ve tried for it the past two months have yet to get it.

  • Eddie Lugo

    Xurs been a dispaointment to me but if u make it to be ice breaker we ll call it even!!!!

  • Eddie Lugo

    Ice breaker!!!! Please!!!!

  • Karl Maze

    completely random? why do I still pay this game -__-