Destiny Xur Patience and Time Exotic Sniper review

We were one of the first online to confirm Destiny Xur’s new items today. The big news, is that Xur is selling the Patience and Time Exotic Sniper rifle. For first time buyers wanting to know more, we now bring you a Destiny Patience and Time review, including stats and gameplay.

Make no mistake about it, the Patience and Time is an excellent buy for 17 Strange Coin. It may not be as glamorous as the IceBreaker, but it does come with a unique ability that sniper users will grow to love.


This ability as the name suggests, is called Patience and Time. When aiming down the sights, you’ll get an active camouflage during use – amazing when trying to stay hidden in a tight spot when you don’t have long to take the shot.

Additionally, the Patience and Time has the Snapshot ability, which allows it to be aimed extremely quickly, compared to other Sniper Rifles in the game. It’s these two abilities alone that will help justify the 17 Strange Coins cost, but some of you may still want to save the coins for the Icebreaker.


To give you a better idea of what this sniper is capable of, watch the video review below which also contains a detailed breakdown of Destiny Patience and Time stats, upgrades and abilities.

Are you happy that Xur is selling this weapon this week, or were you hoping for something else in particular? For those that are experienced users of the Patience and Time, give us your breakdown in reliability to give new buyers a heads-up.



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