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UK App Store price drop expected next month

Setting the price for apps on the App Store in Europe has always been a bit tricky because different countries have their own rates. It is for this reason why Apple set it at the European rate.

However, things are set to change because Apple will now set the VAT rate on the iTunes App Store based on each country in the European Union. There is a positive and negative to this because some countries will pay less for their apps, while others will have to pay more.

UK App Store price drop

The good news is that we should expect to see a price drop on the UK App Store. This is because the overall VAT rate in Europe is set around 23 percent, whereas the UK rate is 20%, and so we should see a small saving.

We cannot be certain of this, but we don’t have long to find out because Apple is set to make these changes from January 2015.

Speaking of the App Store, we still have no idea why Apple has yet to release its 12 Days of Christmas app. We know they do not usually give stuff away for free until December 26th, but the app is normally available by now. Does this mean there will be no 2014 Gifts for Christmas app?



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