New GTA V 1.19 update on PS3, Xbox 360 today

By Alan Ng - Dec 18, 2014

We were one of the first to report that a new GTA V 1.05 PS4 update had gone live. It was the Festive Update for the game which Rockstar hinted at in their notes on Heists earlier in the week.

What we are more concerned about though, is what has happened to the GTA V 1.19 update on PS3 and Xbox 360 today? As far as we’re aware, the update is still not live and it means that PS4 owners have had the luxury of enjoying the new content before anyone else.

We had heard some of you complain about the fact that PS4 and Xbox One versions are being prioritized at the moment with content such as First Person Mode and exclusive vehicles for those that pre-ordered on next-gen.


Rockstar said that they still had plenty of content for previous-gen players and we just hope that when the 1.19 patch for GTA V arrives it will include the exact same features as what PS4 received.

That includes the awesome looking homing launcher and the brutal proximity mine which we unveiled the first gameplay on. We are constantly looking for this update on older systems, but it is yet to go live.

Would you be upset if it turns out that PS3 and Xbox 360 players won’t get the GTA V Festive Update on the same day as PS4 and Xbox One? Let’s hope Rockstar will put it down to being Sony and Microsoft’s problems with approving patches, rather than on their side.

Let us know if you are installing the same GTA V Festive Update on PS3 and Xbox 360 right now as we’ve seen on PS4, or if you are still waiting – we’ll update this as necessary.

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  • bartosz1707

    i tried to instal this update on ps3 but the black screne apears and i can’t turn off my console

  • arya

    where to download it

  • wheyooo

    where is the epic ape-mask with his sigar 😮 iam leveling for it and now 5 levels away it is gone?!!?? what happend? :s

  • Josue Felix

    i cant get it to damn install

  • The article say the update is 1.23 GB. But mine is just 94 mb….

  • ster_

    Is this basically the Xmas Update for GTA V Old Gen?

  • Nat Johnson

    when will it b a DLC 2 remove those sorry DLC guns???….

  • Griffin medley

    I found it! Festive suprise is all the way to the right on the game add ons in the actual Microsoft store. Not in the game. Go to Xbox home, hover over gta 5, click x, go to the addons/dlc scroll all the way to the right and is should be in the bottom row

  • Jack

    Got the update on the 360 but all I see is the 3 apartment thing. No new weapons, no new vehicles, no new clothing options or parachutes, no tree in the park, no snow, and ive been getting reports off friends that after buying a new apartment their garage has been wiped so if youre going to buy a third apartment BE CAREFUL!

  • newmoney

    I downloaded the update and nothing changed

  • Todd car

    Same here @joe lol ps3 going to explode because it barely can play the game already

  • joe

    im downloading the patch for ps3 as i speak👍

  • dan

    Update out but dlc content currently

  • Kyle Henry

    I downloaded it, but no content

    • MikeCraft

      they are going to bring out the dlc content any minute, but the bug patch and extra property add on has been released already

    • -_-_-_-_-

      i got it on ps3

  • MikeCraft

    I literally just downloaded 1.19 for xbox 360!! it has just been released!

  • Enzo.T

    I dnt know if the update did this or anything but for some reason I’m back at lvl 1!!! I’m so angry!!!

  • David mc

    No snow on 360

  • Rizzo

    Can we have 3 properties now?

    • ImPacT Editz

      I am on xbox now and we can have 3 properties 😀

      • Paul Howard

        pause the game and go to the ‘xbox store’ where the money and dlc bits are listed – festive surprise is at the bottom

    • newmoney

      Thats the only thing ive seen new since the update

  • stoney2256

    No update on xbox 360 yet :-(:-(:-(

  • strikekillerjs

    He is updated voor ps3

  • Ian Blything

    What a bout 360 were is the updated

  • ExiledSoul

    Are we gonna get 1st person? or nah

    • Ian Blything

      Dont now

    • Swift

      no, the memory capabilities of the PS3/X360 arent good enough to support all the extra gestures added in the next gen systems. Our systems would crash.

  • clarkeyone

    Isn’t it ment to be snowing?

  • tampapr813

    I got the update ps3 just now

  • Rawr

    I got the update on my ps3 just now

  • clarkeyone


  • clarkeyone

    Update is live here, no snow thought, but weapons are there

  • Michael Collins

    I’ve got the 1.19 update for PS3 and can confirm it had proximity mines, a homing launcher, bravado rat truck, vapid slamvan, dewbauchee massacro race car, dinka jester race car

  • lickher88

    I just checked and we still have nothing

  • baba

    Still nothint on ps3, europe regiob