New Advanced Warfare Barong, Hotrod Exoskeleton review

We have some great news for those playing Advanced Warfare on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Sledgehammer Games has just unloaded their first Advanced Warfare micro-DLC, offering up some brand new Exoskeleton packs that you may be interested in.

Two which caught our eye were the Advanced Warfare Barong and Hotrot Exoskeleton packs which are now available for $2.99 each. They look really amazing based on the preview images that Sledgehammer has shared, but how do they look in game and are you tempted to buy them?

The good news is that we can already bring you some Advanced Warfare Barong and Hotrod Exoskeleton reviews, as some YouTubers have already splashed the cash on them.

The designs are really impressive we have to say and for those that are still considering whether to buy them, you should check out the videos that we have for you below, courtesy of Remy Mugen.


Both are $2.99 each and you can get them right now. The price includes the main exoskeleton suit for both, while the Hotrod exoskeleton comes with the Outlaw helemt and the Barong comes with the Guardian helmet individually.

Obviously everyone is waiting for the Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC to arrive, but this should keep you going nicely as they’ll look really cool in multiplayer.

Check out the videos below and let us know what you think about these new micro packs for Advanced Warfare. Are they worth $2.99 a pop in your opinion? Remember, Xbox platforms only at the moment.



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