Minecraft TU19 with secret stampy island

Moments ago, we told you about Minecraft TU19 for Xbox One and Xbox 360 or the Minecraft 1.6.4 update which should now be live for everyone. Now, we wanted to switch our attention to one new feature that has been teased by 4J Studios.

You may not be aware, but there is a secret waiting for those who are just updating to the new version. 4J Studio’s Michael Hansen has alluded to this by revealing that on Minecraft TU19, there is a ‘mysterious island in the new Tutorial Map’ to be discovered.

You can see confirmation of this from the Tweet which we took a screenshot of below, almost teasing players with most not even realising that there was a secret to be found.


Well now, it appears that there are some clever hunters out there who have already found what Hansen was talking about. This appears to be the secret of Stampy island with Minecraft TU19 that is ready to be discovered right now.

If confirmed to be true, then this is obviously very exciting for those just downloading the new update. It also should be a good morale booster for PlayStation users to look forward to, since the update appears to have been delayed on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita for now.

Have you managed to find the secret island coordinates on Minecraft TU19? Share your discoveries with us below.



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