GTA V Proximity Mine is absolutely nasty

Rockstar has just launched a surprise new GTA V update on Thursday December 18, which is unusual for the company since we usually see updates on a Tuesday. Regardless of that, two new weapons are available and now we have the first look at the new GTA V Proximity Mine.

Trust Rockstar to find new ways to take down cars and ‘foes’ in the most brutal way possible. We thought the chainsaw was pretty up there in terms of brutality, but what about putting a timed bomb onto their vehicle WHILST people are inside?

That’s exactly what you can now do in the game following on from the new Grand Theft Auto 5 Festive Update, or the 1.05 patch on PS4. Simply walk into Ammunation after installing, pick up your new toy and watch the devastation before your eyes.


Once you have attached one of these bombs onto a target, there is about a 3 second window before it explodes. As you’ll see in the first GTA V Proximity Mine gameplay below – any car that is targeted will be destroyed to pieces in one blast.

In a week in which we’ve seen all sorts of headlines about one particular Steam Greenlight game, it will be interesting to see what the ‘skeptics’ say about the proximity mine.

After all, there’s nothing stopping players from launching one of these bombs into a crowded group of people for sadistic pleasure. Either way, we have a feeling that players are going to love this.

Let us know your immediate thoughts on the proximity bomb after using it.



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