GTA V Festive update with Homing Launcher review

As we told you moments ago, the GTA V 1.05 update on PS4 has just gone live. It is the expected update that Rockstar teased and now we know it as the GTA V Festive update officially. The big surprise is that there is a new GTA V Homing Launcher and we have the first gameplay to show you.

We have only just updated to the latest version ourselves, but some of you have already managed to take the new update to YouTube with some footage.

The homing launcher in GTA V looks absolutely amazing and very powerful indeed. As the name suggests, this launcher is going to produce some audible beeps as it locks onto targets then it will follow the target once it is fired.


It takes a few seconds to lock onto a vehicle and when you are locked you’ll see the target turn red and you can take out vehicles with a single shot.

Is this going to be one of the key weapons for GTA Heists? This weapon has literally gone live in the game just minutes ago. Enjoy the very first Homing Launcher gameplay below and give us your review of it.

Is this your new favorite weapon in the game?



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