GTA V Dinka Jester Racecar gameplay in Xmas DLC

We have what looks to be the very first GTA V Dinka Jester Racecar gameplay for you now, which has just gone live with the GTA V Christmas DLC update. This car looks amazing compared to the standard Jester, although sadly it looks like there’s no new Dinka Jester Racecar customization options available.

The gameplay which we have for you confirms that customization on the racer variant is exactly the same as the standard Dinka Jester, although you can still change the paint job on this new version which also looks great.

We had no idea that Rockstar were planning to drop this new GTA V car today and this new Dinka Jester Racecar could be one of the fastest available when it comes to racing competitions.


The big question though, do you think the GTA V Dinka Jester Racecar price is reasonable at $350,000? Watch the first gameplay of this car on the new update and then let us know what you think about it.

We’ll be keeping you up to date on the other new GTA V cars with the Christmas update later on, there’s plenty more other than the Dinka Jester Racecar!

Have you forgiven Rockstar of their sins after this new GTA Online update?



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