GTA V 1.05 PS4 update live at 1.23GB with notes

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 18, 2014

The GTA V 1.05 update is live on PS4 with a size of 1.23GB and we will have the full patch notes shortly. We have downloaded the Grand Theft Auto V update without any problems on our PlayStation 4 system on December 18, although the finer details of any Online DLC are yet to be revealed.

We heard that Rockstar would be delaying Heists until early 2015 and that some Christmas content would arrive within the GTA V 1.19 PS3 and 1.05 update on PS4.

Considering the size of the update today, it is clear this is something big and we look forward to giving Product Reviews readers all the news in the next hour.


Have you downloaded the GTA V PS4 1.05 update and if so, what changes have you noticed to the single player and online game?

As you can see within the update notes above, this patch contains fixes for both the story and online mode. It also states, there’s new vehicles, weapons, tastes, clothing, and much more. Again, leave comments below.

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  • Did they fixed the lag in the city while driving?

  • Pharoah

    Did it fix the tree animation problem?

    • Garotho bale

      its fixed now!

  • rordns

    4 new cars, including the legendary slamvan. Also homing rocket launcher and I think proximity mines, not sure if the mines were there before.

  • antdizzo

    4 cars, and a homing rocket launcher

  • Houxis

    Im on ps4 with digital copy and i have alot of texture issues with that.I hope it will fix them…

  • WazzaRoo10

    What’s new with the new update? Only thing I found was that u can now own three properties. Anything else?

  • xxDavid89xx

    Please fixed the black screen please !!! I can’t play this game online.

  • zKabi :)

    So whats included exactly? I got it also but doing story right now 🙂

  • Mark

    its christmas dlc yay

  • nick

    See u can now have 3 properties