Dubsmash Windows Phone app fears over small install base

By Alan Ng - Apr 11, 2015

Have you fallen in love with Dubsmash yet? The popular social app is seeing increased popularity this month, but spare a thought for Windows Phone users who are still without an official app unlike iOS and Android users who already have it.

Just like the Elf Yourself app for Windows Phone which is missing too, it’s another case of developers having second thoughts solely due to the install base of Windows Phone compared to iOS and Android and also, the developer mindset of – ‘Is it worth our time’?

We can bring you an update on the situation now, as the creators of Dubsmash have admitted that it is the ‘small’ install base of Windows Phone that is the reason why there isn’t an official Dubsmash app for Windows Phone yet.


Above is a Tweet which we captured from the official Dubsmash page, with the developers saying that they are working on it and will share an update when they have further information.

The fact that the developers mentioned in black and white though that the Windows Phone user base is ‘relatively small’, that may not bode well in terms of an exact timeline on when we could see Dubsmash on Windows Phone.

Let’s hope that it really is on the way though and we’ll have more positive news to share soon. What are your thoughts on this, Windows Phone users. Do you like being referred to as relatively small install base?

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  • Pedal_Harder

    Makes sense, a small niche market app like Dubsmash (never hear of it myself) needs more market share before they become worth the time. Large base OSs would at least give them a chance to pull in a small percentage of users. They are a small player in a very crowded social app market. Maybe if they build a larger base then maybe it might have a better chance on WP. Right now WP users have all the big social players in either official apps or really great 3rd party alternatives. In some cases the 3rd party are much better then the official, i.e. instagram – 6tag

    On the other hand, it may be in their best interest to build an app that will run on all Windows platforms since that is where MS is going. That would provide a huge base that would access their service from PC,tablet and phone.

    $ .02

  • D Velasquez

    I don’t need something as useless as elf yourself, pointless app however when it comes to entertainment Microsoft needs to get on board as well video game publishers like Taito and it’s groove coaster zero game, square enix and it’s re release of games which there are only 2 in the marketplace. Also Microsoft needs a convincing argument so developers can get on board, windows phone is a solid platform.

  • Nikolas

    More apps on Windows phone translates to more adoption rate.
    Windows phone is a great mobile OS, but people are too worried about apps… So developers need to just get with it.

  • mjs916

    To answer the questions, no I have not fallen in love with Dubsmash, and no I don’t like being called a relatively small user base, considering Windows phone IS a relatively small base compared to iOS and Android. But I’d still MILLIONS of people… MILLIONS!! Why is that so hard for developers to comprehend?!

    • gknight5408

      Ikr! There’s millions of users that use Windows Phone (myself being one of them) its not like nobody uses Windows Phone, so I don’t know why developers think nobody is on Windows Phone..

  • Sometimes smaller user base is an blessing in disguis. Most of the Lumia users are MS/Nokia loyalists and they will adopt or at least give a try to most of the services that support their ecosystem.

  • jhtanglewood2

    Doesn’t matter if we like it or not, it’s the truth.
    However, as small as the market share is, it’s still millions of people with Windows Phones.

    • It’s more than 100 million people at this point :/

  • Such calculations about market share are short sighted. Having an app on Windows Phone, increases exposure because Windows Phone users are evangelical and websites like WindowsCentral, WMPowerUser and even Microsoft’s own LumiaConversations will aggressively promote big name apps when they arrive. It’s easier to get an install base on Windows Phone and to get users to spread the word to anyone with ANY smartphone.

    • mjs916

      Precisely. I pretty much want to ignore any app or service that declines to support the many millions of users that are Windows users. Seriously. Short-sighted is exactly what they are. Imagine it in the terms of Facebook likes… If there were 500 people that like it, even though they aren’t direct contacts, they indirectly reach a much larger user base and open you up to so much more exposure.

      If it’s all about immediate returns then these developers are no better than businesses that cheap out on their food or services to increase profit immediately at the expense of product quality for long term customers.

      F*** off as far as I’m concerned.