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Dubsmash Windows Phone app fears over small install base

Have you fallen in love with Dubsmash yet? The popular social app is seeing increased popularity this month, but spare a thought for Windows Phone users who are still without an official app unlike iOS and Android users who already have it.

Just like the Elf Yourself app for Windows Phone which is missing too, it’s another case of developers having second thoughts solely due to the install base of Windows Phone compared to iOS and Android and also, the developer mindset of – ‘Is it worth our time’?

We can bring you an update on the situation now, as the creators of Dubsmash have admitted that it is the ‘small’ install base of Windows Phone that is the reason why there isn’t an official Dubsmash app for Windows Phone yet.


Above is a Tweet which we captured from the official Dubsmash page, with the developers saying that they are working on it and will share an update when they have further information.

The fact that the developers mentioned in black and white though that the Windows Phone user base is ‘relatively small’, that may not bode well in terms of an exact timeline on when we could see Dubsmash on Windows Phone.

Let’s hope that it really is on the way though and we’ll have more positive news to share soon. What are your thoughts on this, Windows Phone users. Do you like being referred to as relatively small install base?



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