COD Advanced Warfare Daily Challenge in Dec 18 patch

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 18, 2014

There’s a new feature that has been added to Call of Duty Advanced Warfare named Daily Challenge, which we found after the 1.08 update on PS4 today. The December 18 patch didn’t contain much in the notes when clicking update history, although we first noticed a change when heading to multiplayer.

We had a quick game before installing the COD Advanced Warfare Dec 18 patch on PS4, so this is why the Daily Challenge feature stood out right away when heading to matchmaking.


You can see the Advanced Warfare Daily Challenge graphic within the screenshot below, or a close-up above. This will likely change each day, as obviously in the name Daily Challenge, and today on PS4 we see you need to “get 30 kills with Heavy Weapons in the Mosh Pit playlist”.

We cannot confirm if everyone sees this same challenge, or if they are different for each player. Let us know what you see after installing the Dec 18 patch, and of course what system you are running the game on. Do you like this new feature and if so, what would you like your next challenge to be?

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  • Joe Bo

    Thx for the update, good idea imo… Guys, can you confirm if any buffs/nerfs have been implemented with any weaponry? And if so, what console you’re playing on…. Thanks.

  • Anabantha919

    (PS4)I got the “win 3 uplink games”, the prize was a helmet, i finished it and i only got 2000 xp… NO helmet… 🙁

    • Rohan Mullan

      Ouch, that’s harsh

      • that is harsh. on the plus side, at least he didn’t have to take it to a cryptarch who then decoded it all into 1 xp and a potato

  • Rohan Mullan

    I got the ‘Return one flag in capture the flag’ challenge an the Xbox One, my friend got a ’30 kills with SMG’s in hardpoint’ challenge, so the challengs are different for each individual. I also found out that if you prestige in the same day, even if you completed the challenge earlier you can do it again after prestiging