Possible TAG Heuer smartwatch with McLaren promotion

Smartwaches are relatively new and so the choice available is rather limited, although 2015 looks set to change all that. The current crop are rather similar in what they offer, which has something to do with most of them being Android Wear devices. However, with Apple releasing its Watch early next year, this has forced other companies to rethink their opinion.

Take TAG Heuer, they had already begun work on a smartwatch prototype, but they have been very quiet about it. Could a recent announcement by the company be anything to do with Apple working on its own luxury watch?

Possible TAG Heuer smartwatch hybrid

We already know there are to be several Apple Watch versions, such as the gold one, which will cater for different needs and budget, and it is the high-end market that interests TAG Heuer. It would seem they have a renewed interest in this hybrid watch, and while we have yet to see this prototype, Reuters did say the watchmaker has been talking to potential partners to help them with the technology needed.

If there were to be a few TAG Heuer smartwatch prototypes next year, we have to wonder how McLaren will play a part in its promotion? The reason we mention this is because TAG Heuer is one of the official partners of the McLaren F1 team, and so we could even see its drivers Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button wearing these during press conferences and promotional events.

Doing such a thing would make sense because it would be the perfect platform to promote such an item, although we are certain TAG Heuer’s line of hybrid watches, as they are calling them, would only cater for those with more disposal income.



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