No Netflix offline viewing mode in 2015 or beyond

With more people choosing to watch Netflix content on mobile devices, you would have thought the on-demand content provider would have offered the offline viewing mode by now. Having said that, they have finally given an update to this topical subject, but you will not be happy with the answer, or the excuse given.

Netflix is one of the most popular services for delivering on-demand content, but it is reliant on an Internet connection. This was not too much of an issue before people started to use the service out and about on mobile devices, and so you can see why such a feature would be very welcome by Netflix users.

No Netflix offline viewing mode

Customers might now feel let down, as the chances of Netflix offline viewing mode being brought in during 2015 is unlikely to happen, or beyond for that matter. Tech Radar was told the reason that there are no plans to offer such a feature is because Netflix is relying on improved Wi-Fi coverage, which to us seems a poor excuse.

Even with improved Wi-Fi coverage there are still going to be plenty of places where getting coverage will not be viable, such as a week on a river cruise with no signal is just one example.

We know that Wi-Fi coverage will improve, but it is not going to be completely free and we have already seen how much it can cost on public transport.

Do you think this is a good enough excuse from Netflix, or do you think it is a good example of the company not listening to its customers?



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