New Destiny drop in Husk of the Pit, Exotic Necrochasm

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 17, 2014

There’s a new Destiny Exotic weapon drop being reported since the hot fix patch and it gives players the Destiny Husk of the Pit auto rifle, or the Exotic version called Necrochasm after a little work. This has been confirmed on both YouTube and social networks, so you get to convert the Husk of the Pit Common Rifle into the Exotic weapon Necrochasm if you want.

If you have been playing Destiny’s The Dark Below, then you might have noticed the new Destiny weapon drop since the hot fix we published details on earlier. If not, then you can find it by running the Fist of Crota mission on Earth to locate a Blade of Crota NPC that you need to kill for a some really nice bounties.


In a nutshell, it doesn’t matter what level you are, you also don’t need to be a certain rank with Eris Morn, and there’s nothing special about any weapon you need to use when killing the Blade of Crota during this mission. The drop will happen and while there’s other enemies around, it’s the Blade of Crota you need to kill for the drop.

Once you have the Husk of the Pit auto rifle, you can then upgrade it to the Legendary Auto Rifle Eidolon Ally and secondly convert to an Exotic Auto Rifle Necrochasm. You can learn more about this process within this article, if you want to upgrade to an Exotic.

Some players have been re-running the mission and getting a second Husk of the Pit when they kill the Blade of Crota for the drop. If you have any problems with the requirements for this drop, then leave a comment below, although it shouldn’t be an issue considering all you need to do is kill a Blade of Crota.

You should also note that this rifle won’t drop like a prism or engram, it will be rewarded right into your inventory just like players see with raid loot followed by a notification. You can watch some PS4 gameplay below showing exactly what happens during this mission.

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  • scott

    same here done 45 times no drop yet i have fiends who have first time twice,,,,rng sucks thanks bungie

  • thomas Bryant

    I can’t get the husk of the pit I’ve done the mission like 20 times and killed the blade of crota bout 100 times

    • Jason Risser

      I have gotten it myself 3 times and it isn`t on the mission listed above find blades of crota and kill them that is all there is to it remember rng does screw you over at times