New Advanced Warfare update for missing AE4 Widowmaker

By Alan Ng - Dec 17, 2014

We are pleased to finally bring you an update on the missing AE4 Widowmaker gun in COD Advanced Warfare. Last week, we told you that the special weapon had launched for Season Pass owners on Xbox. However, now Sledgehammer Games has officially acknowledged that there is a problem with certain versions not getting the weapon as intended.

To recap, both the AE4 Widowmaker and the AE4 Directed energy assault rifle were due to unlock on December 11. However, some players had told us that they couldn’t find the AE4 Widowmaker in Advanced Warfare specifically.

This was strange to us as we have it and so did many other players, without any problems. Now we know that the issues were specific to the Advanced Warfare Digital Pro Edition though, as Sledgehammer has just confirmed it.


Hours ago, the developer revealed the Tweet in which you see above, replying to one user about the problem and redirecting them to a support page.

From the information enclosed on the support page, we can tell you that Sledgehammer will be issuing a new Advanced Warfare update on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Furthermore, this update should be going live before the end of the week according to Activision – so we have a feeling that this new Advanced Warfare update could land on Thursday December 18.

While it is obviously frustrating for those that don’t have the Widowmaker after paying the premium for the Season Pass, it’s refreshing to see Sledgehammer acting quickly on this.

Give us your status at the moment as we wait for the update to drop. Do you have the AE4 and the AE4 Widowmaker in Advanced Warfare right now?

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  • dylan carter

    im on xbox 360 and i dont have the season pass but im having the problem on the havoc dlc

  • brianna

    so i bought the season pass and with being told if you download and your the primary user on your xbox 360 console the secondary user ect. can use the season pass becuase its on the same console. Now I have the AE4 & AE4 Widowmaker but my Boyfriend is allowed to see the AE’s when he goes to create a class but it stays locked and says only available with the season pass. Before when we both didnt have the season pass it never even showed the AE4 above the BAL. So is it because he needs to wait till they release all the content to everyone or is it somthing that needs to be fixed. He can play Atlas George so why can he play that early but not use the AE4? PLEASE HELP US. I have also contacted Microsoft and for the first time talked to a very respectful and helpful dude named Doug and He did everything we could to try and figure it out but nothing yet. Doug never said once about knowing that he needs to wait for the DLC to come out in January but he knew about the AE4 bug being fixed but that wasnt for the same edition i have. WE ALL ARE VERY CONFUSED i tried to call sledgehammer apparently they werent open at 2:30 this afternoon so I really have no idea what the problem is. If i never said it i have the XBOX 360 Advanced Warefare Day Zero Edition. Thank you 🙂

  • K

    Hi no dont have,hopefully will get it, what does exceed 3600 mean