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iOS 8.2 release waiting on iOS 8.1.3 maintenance update

It would seem Apple has some unfinished business with iOS 8.1, as news has recently come to light that 8.1.3 is now in the works, which means you will have to wait that bit longer for iOS 8.2 to release. This is a good thing because it means there are still some improvements to come, but whether it will be this month or next is another matter.

Several devices have been seen running iOS 8.1.3 and according to Mcann, this is more of a maintenance update and so we can expect to see a few bug fixes, and tweaks to help iOS devices run better. There is also the hope that there will be performance improvements, although that may be wishful thinking.

iOS 8.2 release waiting on iOS 8.1.3

The next major update as you know is iOS 8.2, which is currently on its second beta, as it prepares to bring a host of new features to the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. However, the biggest reason for iOS 8.2 is the Apple Watch, as the current beta version comes with an SDK to help developers come up with supported Apple Watch apps.

Issues that need to be resolved with iOS 8.1.3 – Some users have said they are still having an issue where Spotlight stops searching in apps, and we know there is still isolated problems with third-party keyboard.



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