GTA V Snowball launcher for online Christmas warfare

Rockstar has finally given us some official GTA Online Heists news, confirming that it’s coming Early 2015. They haven’t spoken about the upcoming GTA V Christmas update though and we have some more hot rumors to share regarding the possibility of a new GTA Online Snowball launcher for all platforms.

Hours ago, Rockstar posted a welcome update on their website, offering some new details on the GTA Online Heists launch date. However, they chose not to reveal information about their upcoming GTA Online Holiday update, which is rumored to be going live on December 23.

More importantly, we still don’t know any official information about the rumored new GTA Online Christmas weapons that are thought to be on the way.


We have seen on forums and on Twitter that there is big rumors suggesting that a GTA V ‘Snowball launcher’ weapon is on the way. While details are slim at this point, if true it would essentially be a modified version of the firework launcher which Rockstar unveiled for the Independence Day update earlier this year.

Although not official yet, we are presuming this leak is true, so it is very exciting to think about the possibility of every single GTA Online player firing out snowballs at each other on all platforms.

Having a snowball launcher in GTA V is a fantastic idea, as not only is it a quick modification for Rockstar to do with tweaking the existing firework launcher, but it is a weapon that will bring players back to the game.

Everyone loves a snowball fight and what better way to do that with a mass snowball fight in GTA Online on a global scale? We can just imagine the fun that is going to be had on the streets of Los Santos – icy streets don’t forget based on the ‘gradient’ snow feature which we’ve already told you about.

Would you love to see a Snowball launcher in GTA Online on PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms in time for Christmas?



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