FIFA 15 FUT back after down for Dec 17 maintenance

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 17, 2014

If you were wondering why FIFA 15 FUT was down today, then in simple terms this outage had been planned thanks to maintenance scheduled for 3 hours today. The problems getting online with FIFA 15, or within the FUT app, would have started at around 11PM PST or 7AM in the UK.

By the time you read this article, you should notice that EA’s FUT server status has change to back online. The downtime should end after 3 hours if all goes to plan, so this means at 10AM things should be working fine in the UK.


Did you think FIFA 15 Ultimate Team not working today was a hack, or Lizard Squad once again? Or, did you know about this planned maintenance for December 17th?

If you still have problems with the FIFA 15 FUT servers after they should be back up and running, then leave a comment below and we’ll try to pinpoint what’s going on. As far as we are aware, everything is scheduled to come back online any moment now.

You can see the official tweet above, which EA Sports FIFA channel on Twitter published earlier today to make gamers aware of the downtime. This is also why some of our readers mentioned a popup error in the companion app, which stated “Our servers are down”.

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  • GiuUK

    Fifa 15 is down. Not only fut

  • ddeko321

    i can´t join the FUT 15 server on PC

  • ea r nooobs

    Still can’t get on fut on 360 can anyone else


      I can on ps4

  • BaZzAbOi86

    Thanks to this shite i was selling kompany an ozil an now they have completely gone without gettin a coin for em thanks ea crack of shite u r

  • MGG$

    My scoreboard doesn’t come up in the top left corner and at half time the display doesn’t come up also when I score it doesn’t say who has scored any idea’s what’s wrong?

  • kp

    back on

  • JR

    yo guys do you know when do the prices of players drop?

  • ulloa

    it is back on people enjoy!

  • Ionut Yt

    CAre stie cand se face fifa 15?

  • Usama Bin Toufiq

    Still not working on my ipad air

  • Ionut Yt

    What time is it in PM ? Romanii raspundeti va rog !

  • Joshfromtheboss

    Is some1 alrdy in on ps4 or xbox 1 for FUT?

  • GreatBanterEA

    Its not working on ps3 do

  • P

    In UK 19:15

  • ryryry

    What time is it in UK..?!?!

    • vinny


  • Ionut Yt

    i am romanian server goes fifa 15

  • JR

    so no one for ps4?

  • ryryry

    I’m in Ireland what time is it in England?

    • vinny


  • ea are the best

    Ea is just jack first problem connecting with fifa then servers down
    Could only get on after 11pm gmt last night today can’t access fut since 3.30pm

  • TeamDrew

    Could you at lest give us an Estimated time for when it will be back up?

  • CJ Yoder

    Xbox one still out in US

  • pradeep

    MrFamousKing..I’m on pc.. N7_Prady

  • Javier Moreno Del Pozo

    When will it be back?!!!

  • joe

    Iam dying

  • JR

    chix1996 on ps4 lets go

  • JR

    lets play

  • connor

    anyone on PC add MrFamousKing on origin I want to play some people!

  • pradeep

    somebody says 7am UK..Don’t know exactly..

  • ryryry

    Any one know when it will be back??

  • joe

    I want to play dammit
    -Android user

  • pradeep

    then sorry..

  • Rick

    I use ipad

  • JR


  • Rick

    What do u play on jr