EZTV servers down with proxy site by court order

- Dec 17, 2014

It is now clear that the EZTV servers are down today thanks to a high court order, although the EZTV proxy site joins others that are not working thanks to many court orders. If you try to access the Eztv.it domain, you will be redirected to a domain called ukispcourtorders.co.uk if this is the country you are currently in and a detailed list of other take downs will be displayed.

When we took a look at the popular EZTV proxy site moments ago, it’s clear they join the likes of The Pirate Bay, Download4All, BitSnoop, First Row Sports, and many torrent websites in a global crackdown. The servers have been taken down, or at least the domains for many servers allegedly breaching the copyright of certain companies that are named within the high court orders.


You can see the long list at the above website, a redirect from Eztv.it, and it lists Members of British Recorded Music Industry, Motion Picture Association of America Inc, and The Football Association Premier League Limited all involved as parties who obtained the Order.

Are you happy to see many of these servers like the EZTV website taken down? This is obviously part of a very large crackdown and one we saw a few days ago with The Pirate Bay running into problems.

If we hear anymore on the outcome of any high court ruling, then we will be sure to update this article. You can read more about the EZTV server problems on Online Social Media, and the whole Pirate Bay story at this gadget website.

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  • Greybeard

    What’s missed by the MSM and politicians is that the media companies that create and run the MPAA made their fortunes by ripping off others.
    Disney took other people’s stories and turned them into hits in a time when many of those stories were no longer under copyright because copyright ran out much earlier (the movie industry has pressured the US and other govts to extend their copyright period for decades longer than it used for no other reason than greed).
    Sub-studios now owned by Disney like Lucasfilm ripped off parts of Indiana Jones from a Charlton Heston film without acknowledgement, and much of Star Wars, fantastic thought it is, are based on sequences copied from earlier films.
    The early Hollywood movie companies both ripped off stories etc from others and used film technology developed by the French without paying for it.
    Sony started off making audio cassette tapes – anyone remember them these days? – in the 70’s and early 80’s that resulted in so many people taping off their vinyl records for friends (so they didn’t have to buy the record themselves), that the record companies and US govt put pressure on Sony and other Japanese companies (and the Japanese govt), to include a bounty on every blank tape sold so they’d get their money via that means instead.
    Instead of trying to fight a similar losing battle against modern technology, the MPAA etc should learn from that period and do a deal with the ISPs and the hardward manufacturer’s like Apple, Lenovo etc, and include a bounty on every device and every gig downloaded on the basis that a certain % will be pirated. Include an embedded set of ads at the bottom of the movies, in a black strip along the bottom – we’d still download it and they’d make money from the ads.
    Frankly, I’m never going to buy most of what I download because I’m downloading it to watch occasionally – but I’ll rave about the movies to my friends and relatives and some of them will end up buying them. So the studios get free word of mouth recommendations and for the people that want a good quality copy they’ll pay for it (as I do for the very small number of films I am prepared to pay for). I’m not ripping them off because I’m not going to buy them anyway, if I couldn’t download them I’d read a book (bought at a second hand store, so the publishers don’t get royalties from that either).
    Eventually they’ll learn and move to different means of getting a buck, but nobody’s going to convince me that Hollywood is doing it poor – so quit trying.
    It is not theft if I don’t deprive you of your copy. All I’m really doing is time-shifting, the movie/show would eventually appear on free TV (at least in the country I live in), at which point I could use my DVD recorder to make as many copies as I want, all I have to do is edit it to remove the ads, which my DVD recorder conveniently allows me to do.
    Live with it.

    • smart canuk

      I, too, never would buy shows or movies. I don’t want to OWN them – I just want to watch them. If I could pay a monthly fee to get every show from Britain I want over here, I’d gladly pay it. But buy every series? No way I’d do that. Offer it to us the way cable/fibre/dish offers it to us now – pay so much a month and watch whatever you want.

      I tell lots of people about my shows but the point I’m making is – I hardly ever download movies – maybe four a year? So you’re not losing money off me – you’re just annoying the crap out of me. I even torrent TV shows from the US because I CANNOT GET THOSE CHANNELS HERE – no matter how much I want to pay for them. They aren’t offered here.

      This is just another stupid money grab from the big wigs sitting behind desks. They have no clue what the real world is like. They’ve never lived in it.

  • smart canuk

    I used torrent sites almost exclusively to download UK TV shows I cannot get over here in Canada. There is no option to pay for it period. Why did they have to take down EZTV?? That’s television, for crying out loud. Nothing to do with motion pictures or anything else. I don’t get it and I hope to heck they bring them back. Why shouldn’t we be allowed to watch TV in other places since we cannot pay to get it here? How else can we get it? Sheesh. Idiots.

    • John

      I hate to tell you mate, but your talking out of your rear end, EVERY TV show is available online to purchase after the season has ended, especially US and UK shows. If you can’t find them you arn’t looking hard enough, purchase the series online and have it shipped. You are trying to take the moral high ground when you are just the same as the rest of us who download. FYI to all, the downloading isn’t the illegal part the distribution is, there is no torrent program that only uploads, even if you only upload at 1k, that is still uploading, and without uploads noone gets the files, so that’s why they go after us all.

      • smart canuk

        No, I am not talking out my rear end, MATE. I live in Canada. Sure, if I want to wait YEARS, I can purchase UK shows but nowhere near to current. Even US shows are usually a year out of date by the time you can purchase them. I want to watch them when they air like everyone else. Why can’t I do that? That is my point. They only go after people for MOVIE and SPORT distribution 99% of the time, not TV shows. They make most of their money from commercials for TV shows. So, mate, think as you wish but I completely disagree with you.

        • Edohiguma

          Apart from that, I want to see what I purchase first. I’m not going to buy the DVD box of a show and then I find out I don’t like it. I want to see it first and that means torrent.

          Yes, yes, there is netflix and stuff like that. Those are awesome, if your connection is great, but not everybody has fiber.

  • Elizabeth

    No I’m not happy it’s down I hope they bring it back plz and Ty

    • chive on

      sup sweetcheeks

  • killacorporation

    Gee, these turd burgers really want to hasten the start of the revolution, don’t they?

  • blah blah

    This totally sucks – thanks for keeping us updated