Xur madness for Dec 19 to 21

By Alan Ng - Apr 15, 2015

During the Destiny Dark Below DLC excitement last week, our favorite mystical ninja Xur turned up with some great goodies, such as the Truth rocket launcher, upgrades for the Icebreaker and also the Urn of Sacrifice for Eris Morn’s quests.

Now though, it is time to focus on the Destiny Xur location for December 19, as Xur will once again make his journey across the tower in a new spot. Last week, the vendor was situated near the Vanguard quartermaster but in two days you’ll have to find Xur again this week and we can’t wait.

The big question, is what will Xur’s new items include this week? We didn’t see the Icebreaker as a standalone purchase last week, but rather as an upgrade along with the Suros Regime Exotic rifle.


Will the RNG gods shine on us this week by giving new players the opportunity to buy Icebreaker outright? Remember, for those that are asking what time Xur will appear on December 19, this should be 9am UK time, 1am Pacific Time and 4am Eastern Time if Bungie follows their same schedule.

Something tells us that Xur is going to offer something very nice this week. We’ve had a few weeks of ‘average’ weapons being sold, so December 19 could be the moment when you can definitely drop those Strange Coins without regretting it.

As always, we will be keeping you informed on the new Xur location this week. As we wait for the sneaky ninja to show up, give us your top requests for what you want to see on Friday.

What weapon and armor will you happily spend your Strange Coins on this week?

UPDATE: Xur is by the speaker area today, go and find him! No Icebreaker sadly, but there is another Sniper Rifle on sale – full details here!

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  • BOB

    don’t get me wrong Ice breaker and gjallarhorn are awesome but the thing is everybody either has them or wants them. I want something a little different to make me a bit unique, red death perhaps.

  • Tazzz

    I would like to suros as I already have icebreaker

  • Govindarajan

    Last time he was near the CRUCIBLE QUARTERMASTER. Don’t post wrong information. What if someone travels through time and plays destiny only to find Xur is not near the Vanguard Bot.

  • John Stewart

    What time central us does he show up?

    • Mitchell

      Are you that damn stupid to not figure it out on your own

  • Da da doo da

    I want the God damn gjallahorn that thing be OP AS ALL HELL IN THE RAID

    • Tydenius

      It sure is the ultimate heavy weapon but now there’s a close 2nd on the end of crota raid, the hunger of crota. I was lucky to get one on my 1st raid and its really useful plus it does not take the precious exotic slot xD.

      • BOB

        the raid rocket launcher is third after dragons breath. truth would we be high up if it didn’t waste an exotic slot.

  • Demented dave

    Surely as a trader, u would want to position yourself and your wares in a prominant position, and set up shop in the same place eaxh week so customers would know where to find you…. what sort of trader plays hide and seek!?

    • Tydenius

      When he’s the only person in the universe with that stock i think were lucky that he plays hide and seek only on the tower.

      • Nick

        Clever… He knows he has us by the balls so he plays hard to get to entice us even more. Great businessman

  • Xur

    I really want the icebreaker this weak since the expantion pack got weapons to got to 331 attack than 300 that xur will sell all the weapons again

  • lewis

    i have the ice breaker, its amazing and way better than the patience and time which i have to!!

  • xur

    If you refer to the glicth it’s: new titan boots, arachnid helm, i forget the warlock piece, and icebreaker at 331. I hope the glitch is accurate.

    • wex

      that was last weeks

  • Deakz

    No Land Beyond looks pretty tasty!

    • Xur

      It is bad I have it is the worst weapon ever

      • BOB

        its completely useless but quite fun as it is so different from any other weapon on the game

  • Joshua

    Icebreaker is cool, but I personally want to see The Red Death or The Last Word

    • Tydenius

      Dude red death really sucks in my opnion now last word is very decent, but top guns still remains icebreaker and gjallarhorn. My suggestion is get those 2 as soon as possible U wont regret it.

  • EGP

    I have saved up 78 coins waiting for him to come back!!

  • puffinnuffin

    Icebreaker Icebreaker Icebreaker!!!!!!! I really badly want this weapon it’s the BEST SNIPER IN THE GAME. If he is selling the Icebreaker, then he will be opposite the guardian outfitter on the balcony. I have been saving strange coins to ensure that I have enough to buy it and fully upgrade it. I’ve now got 43 strange coins and I’m still waiting. FINGERS CROSSED!!!! ICEBREAKER!!!

    • GTL x

      Yeah, I really do hope he sells it this time. It’s been quite a long time.

    • Adam No-Limit Lambert

      I AGREE!!!!!

  • GTL x

    I speak on behalf of everyone including myself in saying, ‘we want to see the icebreaker’. Iv been saving up my strange coins for a pretty long time and it hasn’t been available. I really want this weapon.

    • Xur

      I agree Thx for that statement well the moment of truth comes tomarrow well thumbs up and hopes for the ice breaker to be sold tomarrow

    • meow

      Save coins for what? Lol icebreaker isn’t gonna be 100 coins

    • Tydenius

      It was sold by xur on the 4th or 5th week of the game i believe its gonna come back soon. Btw it costs 17 strange coins, or at least thats what i payed for it