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Candy Crush Soda levels 181 to 195 gameplay

If you managed to reach level 180 of Candy Crush Soda Saga and found yourself craving more, then we imagine you were happy that the new update brought with it 15 new levels. The levels are said to be very tasty, especially with those Licorice Swirl Cannons.

The aim is to try to play without getting tangled up, and if you manage to get far enough you will be able to watch the new end of game sequence. There is a lot more to this update, although we are sure it is more about those new levels for most of you.

Candy Crush Soda levels 180 to 195

While we would like to include all the videos for the Candy Crush Soda levels 181 to 195 gameplay, it is much easier for you to head over to this YouTube channel that has those 15 new levels. Not only that, but if you are new to this game, then you can watch every single level from the beginning.

At least if you get stuck on a certain level, watching these videos will give you some insight on what you are meant to do. However, try not to rely on them too much because where is the fun in that?



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