4-inch iPhone for 2015, size preference clouded

By Peter Chubb - Dec 17, 2014

For years Apple was left behind when it came to the size of its iPhone, and each new model brought misery from users because Apple still refused to release a larger version. However, a few months ago we saw the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus get released, both of which are very much bigger than their predecessors.

Sales of the largest model have been far more impressive than we ever thought, and at some stages were harder to pre-order than the slightly smaller model. However, it would seem sales of the 4-inch 5S is still very much popular, so much so that there are fresh rumors in regard to a 4-inch iPhone for 2015.

4-inch iPhone for 2015

The source suggests that Apple is planning on releasing a smaller iPhone in 2015 because sales of its 4-inch iPhone 5, 5S and 5C are still very impressive. This is seen as a sign that many iOS users still crave the option for a smaller screen, which would make sense when you consider the release of the Apple Watch next year would do away with the need to constantly remove the phone from your pocket.

Size preference clouded – You could argue that the reason sales have been very high for the 4-inch models is because they are much cheaper than their larger siblings, as some people could struggle with buying one of the newer models. Even though the iPhone 6 is around the price of the 5S was last year, the latter will be a more affordable option now because it is not the latest and greatest iOS smartphone.

Personally, it would be a good idea for Apple to still offer a 4-inch option because that way they do not alienate those that would rather have a smaller iPhone. Having the choice of three sizes would surely help sales, especially if the smallest of the three had a more economical price.

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  • Nancy Garcia

    Perfect screen size is 4″ or 4″7 over more it will be problem to handle the set or operate the phone its ideal size so that other brand should be carry 4 to 4.7″ screen size as well.

  • The tricky part would be pricing. Apple needs to figure out if people are buying the 5s/5c for the lower cost or for the screen size. If Apple was to introduce a new 4-inch model it would have to run on at least similar specs with the current iPhone 6, ie. heightened costs, but they won’t really be able to charge consumers as much as the 6 does. Sounds like way lower margins for me.