2014 Elf Yourself Kindle app won’t let you Elf Yourself

Earlier this week we spoke about the fact that there was no Elf Yourself app for Windows Phone this year, which many of you thought was disappointing. Now though, we move on to more positive news as now we can confirm that there is a Elf Yourself Kindle app available, albeit with some limited functionality.

We were contacted by the creators of Elf Yourself this week, informing us that Elf Yourself for Kindle had just become available for download this month.

However, we still couldn’t locate the app and the only Elf Yourself app for Kindle that we could see was developed by Mate Pal, rather than the official iOS and Android versions which are developed by Office Depot and Magic Mirror.


Furthermore, the Elf Yourself app that is available for Amazon, doesn’t actually let you Elf Yourself at all – but rather only view videos of other people ‘Elfing’ themselves, which obviously isn’t as fun.

We know that many owners are specifically looking for a Elf Yourself 2014 app for Kindle Fire, but at the moment we do not see it available for download – perhaps it is still coming this week.

The app that is available at the moment clearly isn’t an official release by Office Max, so hopefully we’ll have some good news to share about a proper app for Kindle Fire users to enjoy soon.

As an Amazon Kindle Fire owner, are you disappointed that at the moment there is no way to download the official Elf Yourself app on Kindle? Give us your thoughts on this below.



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