Xbox Games with Gold list on Dec 25 Vs Jan 1, 2015

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 16, 2014

The Xbox Games with Gold list has been revealed on the same day each month for a while now. For January 1st 2015, we should see the news release on the last Thursday before the end of December, but this could be one of the first times this year it doesn’t happen.

You might remember seeing the full list of Xbox Games with Gold for December revealed on Nov 27, as you can read about in this article. We knew this news was coming considering the pattern followed for every last Thursday, but this month that would be December 25th.


Xbox Games with Gold list on Dec 25 Vs Jan 1 – considering the last Thursday of December is Christmas Day, we personally expect this to be an exception to what happened throughout 2014. With this in-mind, you might see the full lineup for January’s Xbox Games with Gold revealed on New Year’s Day. With that said, this is also a day that might not be ideal to reveal next months free games.

XboxOne Games with Gold Jan 1st 2015

Are you expecting Microsoft to keep to the solid pattern they’ve had all year, so this would mean the lineup arrives on Christmas Day? Also, what free games would you like for Xbox One and Xbox 360 from Jan 1, 2015? Product Reviews almost never sleeps, so we will be ready on December 25th to report the lineup if it follows with past announcements.

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  • Jordan Shorette

    what the players like and what gwg offers are two different world. even asking is irrevelent bc ms doesnt care to even pay attention. the reason they dont tell us earlier is prob bc ms hasnt finished porting the new gwg game over from 3 1/2 inch floppy disk to xbox one format

    • yeti

      if they gave away games we actually wanted then they would lose more money. do you really think they want to just give us the best stuff we want? but in the end its still free games that are playable, if you dont like the game well you arent being forced to just take it.

      • Jordan Shorette

        im not saying everytime but they honostly dont try very hard and the free they paste acrossed the games may trick you but its a perk included in a gold membership that you PAY for if it were really free anyone could download them silver included. your the one that gets shafted by bad gwg titles why would you defend it they could put that money into system stability and updates instead of insulting the customers who paid 500+ dollars for a system that has 90% of its catalog stuck in the year of sega genesis