No Mortal Kombat X Cyrax and Sektor rumors

By Alan Ng - Dec 16, 2014

Earlier on this week we spoke about the surprising fact that there will be no Mortal Kombat X platform exclusive characters on PS4 and Xbox One. Now, we move on to the next piece of Mortal Kombat X news that we have for you, with worrying rumors suggesting that Cyrax and Sektor may not be on the final roster.

Cyrax is one of our personal favorite characters in the entire franchise, ever since the days of performing his Shark animality in front of watching audiences in the local arcades.

He was a great character in Mortal Kombat 9 along with Sektor, so you can imagine our surprise when we read about some rumors suggesting that they may not be included on the Mortal Kombat X roster.


We’ve uncovered some Tweets, with confirmation from the voice actors who played Cyrax and Sektor in Mortal Kombat 9. When asked specifically if NetherRealm Studios had asked them to come back and do the same role for Mortal Kombat X – both said that they had heard nothing.

While it is unthinkable to have a Mortal Kombat X game without both ninjas in our opinion, don’t forget that NetherRealm Studios may have just hired new voice actors to do the roles for the new game instead.


Hopefully this doesn’t suggest that both characters have been cut from the Mortal Kombat X character list, as Cyrax and Sektor should be among the first on the list if we were to choose.

Are there going to be new voices for these characters in Mortal Kombat, or do the Tweets above suggest that they have been cut? Give us your reaction to this if true.

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  • Jarrod Stewart

    Seriously? I think this is the first time I’ve ever heard anybody claim that either Cyrax or Sektor were a MK favorite. Is this a joke?

    • Alan Ng

      Speak for yourself Jarrod 🙂

    • Lwatson

      They’re both pretty freaking insane, I’d imagine one of them making it to MKX

      • Rain Maker

        they suck. cyber sub zero was superior. People would much rather see smoke and noob back.