New Dead Ghost locations in Destiny The Dark Below

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 16, 2014

The new Dead Ghost locations for Destiny’s The Dark Below can be found within missions, and this is not like those from the original game that were spread around the maps. The Destiny The Dark Below expansion features six new Dead Ghosts that can be found on both planet Earth and the Moon.

We have embedded a video detailing each of The Dark Below new Dead Ghost locations. In a nutshell, they are found within “The Wakening” new Moon mission and on Earth within the mission “Siege of the Warmind”.


You can locate three Dead Ghosts in each of the above missions, so it’s much easier to find them within the first Destiny expansion DLC.

During the Moon mission, The Wakening Dead Ghost locations can be found at sub area Chamber of Night. When on planet Earth, you will find the Siege of the Warmind Dead Ghost locations in sub area Seraphim Vault.

Did you find each of the new Dead Ghost locations in Destiny The Dark Below? Watch the video below if you run into any problems, and of course leave a comment to reach out to other Product Reviews readers.

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