GTA V Christmas Apartment with tree inside

We are closing in on Rockstar’s planned GTA V Christmas 2014 update on PS4, Xbox One, as well as previous-gen platforms. We know that the update is coming and now we have some more exciting information with regards to a GTA V Christmas tree that is going to be inside a special Christmas Apartment.

Rockstar has yet to go live on their website about the upcoming GTA V Holiday update, but we’re assuming that this information will be coming at any moment.

In the meantime, details within the update are leaking out every day and now it looks like we have some solid information regarding a GTA V Christmas Apartment that Rockstar plans to offer players on December 25.


According to information posted here, this new apartment is going to be ‘high-end’ and will offer special Christmas props from December 25th – January 7. These props are rumored to include a Christmas pine tree with lights and also presents under the tree, followed by a fireplace theme with stockings hanging up – it sounds great.

While these props are thought to be time limited within the dates we mentioned above, once the flat itself is purchased – it’s yours to keep although we don’t have the price yet for you sadly.

We are still waiting for a confirmation on these features from Rockstar, but most will agree that it sounds very promising indeed. It will be amazing to visit a Christmas apartment on Christmas Day itself, but we just hope that it is affordable for all players so nobody misses out.

After our details on the snow feature which we revealed earlier this week, what are your thoughts on this GTA V Christmas flat with tree inside – will you buy it?



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