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Free Elf Yourself 2014 app for Windows Phone jealousy

It is that time of year again, when we are all able to enjoy the Elf Yourself Christmas videos online. For mobile users, the Elf Yourself apps for Android and iOS are available, but sadly one group of mobile users are going to be missing out once again.

This is because an Elf Yourself 2014 Windows Phone app release date is missing once again and it looks like the developers have no intention of making the app available in time for Christmas.

Android owners and iOS owners have been able to enjoy a free Elf Yourself 2014 app, but for some reason Windows Phone has been left off Santa’s list once again for the second year in a row.


We’re not sure why Windows Phone users are being treated like this, as we can already see the frustration on social media from those who only want to enjoy Elf Yourself on Windows Phone.

For the time being though, you will just have to use the Desktop version online, which is still hilarious fun by the way. If you are unhappy about this, give us your thoughts on the fact that it has been two years in a row with no Elf Yourself for Windows Phone.

Have the developers forgotten that Windows Phone even exists, or is it their way of saying that the Windows Phone user base is not important?



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