Avengers Alliance Spec Ops 23 Heroes required

By Alan Ng - Dec 16, 2014

Just moments ago, we spoke about the task list for the new Crystal spec ops in Marvel’s Avengers Alliance. Now, we are happy to reveal the Avengers Alliance Spec Ops 23 Heroes required, with new players needing to know who to recruit to fight the Epic Boss.

As always, you will need to deploy three heroes to take down the Epic Boss. This time, the boss is located in Mission 2 and we can confirm that the heroes required are Hercules, Molly Hayes, and Icemanyou can see a screenshot revealing Iceman’s deploy below.

This is going to be great news for older players, as most will already have Iceman and Hercules, only needing to recruit new character Molly for 90CP.


Newer players may have difficulty grinding CP for Iceman, but on the whole this is good news. It means that many of you will now not have to pay 25 gold to skip the final task – which is always great.

Playdom has really turned it up in recent weeks and we’re happy to say that Marvel Avengers Alliance is improving all of the time. The Daily Mission roulettes are generous and a really nice reward for the year that is coming to an end.

The question is, do you have all three characters already, meaning that you don’t need to spend any gold at all for Spec Ops 23? Give us your reaction to this in the comments.

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  • CastaNefasta

    Ho much gold to skip just the Iceman Deploy ?

    • NgTurbo

      I don’t think it works like that. Usually it’s just 25 gold at the end.. as if you can’t do the deploy, the Epic won’t show.

      • CastaNefasta

        That’s bad news because For those 3 heroes I need 340 CP more.
        Skipping for 25 gold could be an option, but gold is really hard to get.
        I’m trying to holding it back to buy a new training camp.

  • Jordan Wade

    really because i think maa is getting worse as time is going on, it is basically giving more and more of a middle finger to players who struggle at spec ops and pvp like myself while pampering those who are good at them. and all i ever get for rewards are 5 battles which are completely useless to me since i find pvp and spec ops to be completely rigged for those who are good at the game while punishing those who struggle at the game

    • NgTurbo

      It’s definitely geared towards older players at the moment. PVP near impossible without all of the heroes and bonuses

  • Sasataf

    Daily mission roulettes are generous? I’m glad you’re having more luck than most of the other players out there. There are a few who have to go through a lot of roulettes to win anything of value (myself included).

    • NgTurbo

      Odds are low, but there’s definitely a chance to get the good stuff. Playdom may have been guilty of being greedy in the past, but they are definitely easing up on that now. Giving away those 20 gold ISOs is a nice touch (if you have the luck!)

    • CastaNefasta

      Last Spec Ops I was lucky to get 1000 unstable iso from Roulette, though, i didn’t complete it because i needed 3 characters and didn’t have the CP to get them.

    • David Waddell Jr

      I did one of those daily missions this week where there were 8 empowered ISO-8s and one item. All three times, I got the item. Boooo!

      • NgTurbo

        That’s bad luck right there David. I managed to get Hulk’s E-Eiso from the spin.. Bulk-up!

  • Jackie Lee II

    I am glad theres no need to spend CP this time

    • CastaNefasta

      Well there it is you need the 3 characters if you don’t have them you need to take them, that’s 380 CP, unless you have those characters already you should talk for yourself.

  • graveetas

    I used Black Bolt & Medusa for the first Mission Boss battle Gorgon & Crystal showed up midway and added buffs to the allies. Now I’m waiting on research for Mad Tech Grenade 40 iso for 8 hrs ugh!

    • NgTurbo

      Nice, although I didn’t see Gorgon’s intensive training passive given to allies when summoned by Black Bolt, did you??

    • Same here… sometimes Karnak showed up too. Black Bolt is also good with Crystal.