Advanced Warfare Zombies ideas for the perfect map

We are looking forward to the highly anticipated Advanced Warfare zombies release date and we’re sure many of you are also in the same position. Sledgehammer hasn’t released any information yet on the first Advanced Warfare zombies map for us, but we can already see that some of you have some fantastic ideas on how the developer can do it.

After all, Sledgehammer is venturing into new territory with Treyarch usually having zombies all to themselves and most players still skeptical on whether they can pull off a fresh take on zombies without harming Treyarch’s legacy.

The teaser trailer that we have seen looks promising, but the actual brief gameplay featured on Exo-Survival Riot could have been a bit more exciting in our opinion – a pack a punch machine, or weapon box for example.


We’ve seen that many of you have been making YouTube videos on what you want to see in the first map. One idea in particular seems to be doing the rounds, requesting Sledgehammer to build their first zombies map by taking insipiration from EVERY single zombie map that has been released so far by Treyarch.

That includes maps features from Nacht Der Untoten from World at War, Five from Black Ops and even Origins from Black Ops 2. We’re not sure if Sledgehammer can do something like that, or even if they are allowed since they are Treyarch maps – but it’s an interesting idea nevertheless.

If Activision has given Sledgehammer blessing to do zombies, then obviously they are confident that they will get it right. Remember that the first map will arrive with the Havoc map pack which won’t require a Season Pass – clearing up initial confusion that suggested it was tied to the Season Pack.

If you love zombies and have played every single map that Treyarch has brought out, give us your best ideas for Sledgehammer. What can they do to make it fresh, while not ruining Treyarch’s legacy at the same time?



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