Advanced Warfare 1.05 PS3 patch live for some

By Alan Ng - Dec 16, 2014

After a period of waiting, it looks like the COD Advanced Warfare 1.05 PS3 patch has finally gone live. We’ve received reports suggesting that some PS3 owners have already updated, although the Advanced Warfare 1.05 patch notes appear to be missing at the moment.

As most of you know, many PS3 Advanced Warfare players have been unhappy with Sledgehammer, given the fact that next-gen versions of the game on PS4 and Xbox One are being prioritized.

Some have accused the developer of ‘forgetting’ about PS3, but as we can see with the update today – this is not the case. Below is confirmation that the Advanced Warfare 1.05 PS3 update is already hitting some users, with many asking for what changes have been made.


Top of the agenda of course is a fix for persistent Advanced Warfare PS3 freezing problems, an issue which we have spoken about in detail before. There’s also lag issues that are affecting the PS3 version, so hopefully when the patch notes are live we will be able to see some welcome fixes.


Right now, let us know if you have already received this update within the last hour in your area. What have you spotted in the game compared to the previous version?

We’ll update this when we have the notes for you.

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  • Edward Doe

    just cant play it at all, freezes too much, now lags freezes again then have to turn it off to start it the game again just getting pissied off and they cannot fix the game, next time you usless developers make a game make sure its competed then sell it and stop stealing peoples money cuz thats what you idiots are good for (stealing) not buying another game made by sledgehammer, oh and by the way next time announce it will he made just for next gen consoles…idiots!!!Where’s Treyarch when we need them???? piece of game is going to the trash today, whos with me on this thought??? 1.05 update my ass!!!

  • Just me

    My freezing issue had bee caused by having paintball effects turned on. Since I turned it off I haven’t frozen.

    • Just me

      Go figure my prob was fixed they do this update and the damned thing just froze on me

      • Iran Rodrigues

        To avoid freezing os PS3 you must:
        1 – disable paintball effect
        2 – do not use the first class slot

        I’ve done this before this patch and I got no freezes since.

  • orace93

    Same issue different update :/

  • Austin Giwer

    ya got my update kinda curious what they updated tho glitching was getting out of hand

  • bash

    excited about the patch. after update it has gone worst for me as soon as I go to class set up it freezes. not once but 3 times in a row.

  • adam

    Installed update. Joined game, glitched all over map then froze.

  • Magadog67

    Updated here in scotland ….guess what? Just froze AGAIN Grrrrrr