Uncharted 4 downgrade from E3 2014 claims laughable

By Alan Ng - Dec 15, 2014

This seems to be becoming a regular occurrence when some gaming fans take pleasure in criticizing graphics of an upcoming AAA release. We saw it with Watch Dogs most recently and now certain corners are also claiming a Uncharted 4 downgrade based on the build we saw at PlayStation Experience, compared to E3 2014.

The sad thing about these claims is that they appear to be based on virtually no foundation. We are seeing one image in particular doing the rounds on social boards such as Reddit, comparing E3 2014 Uncharted to December’s build.

The big observation to point out here though is that Uncharted 4 at E3 was based on cutscenes, rather than actual gameplay which has only just been revealed this month at the PlayStation Experience.


We’re not sure we remember too many games where actual gameplay has looked better than cutscenes, so it is very harsh to be seeing early Uncharted 4 graphics complaints.

Right now, there’s about 2000 graphics experts who are scrutinising this very image over on Reddit, it’s actually quite amusing reading through some of the feedback on one single image.

It will be interesting to see if Naughty Dog has seen the image, which they probably have since devs are commonly spotted on the site.

Check out the feedback on Reddit for yourself, then tell us a list of games were in-game graphics have looked better than cutscenes six months later. We can’t wait to hear the results.

On a side note, who do you think created that image above?

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  • Former ps4 owner

    How comical…only 30fps on your pathetic weakstation. It must be parity…parity thats it..ooops its a ps4 exclusive. Idiot weakstation owners. Oh look…driveclub couldnt match forza at 1080p 60fps and now uncharted cant match halo at 1080p 60fps. Ooooh baby crackdown and gears of war gonna be beauties at 1080p 60 fps too. Ps4 sucks my arrrss !!!!

    • ark

      You’re an idiot.

    • Henry Frond

      You realize that driveclub is destroying forza on a technical level (same with uncharted and halo). You clearly never owned a PS4

  • Henry Frond

    Also if you knew anything about in game cutscenes such as the E3 2014 trailer was supposed to be, you would know that it should look IDENTICAL to the gameplay. (i.e. TLOU remastered) since it is comprised of entirely in game assets.

  • Henry Frond

    One of the worst articles I’ve ever read. Clearly a lot of bias. “Virtually no foundation” except for scrutinizing the image quality of the first in game trailer and comparing it to the second, which is the ENTIRE foundation. Also spotted a typo or two. Whoever is paying you to write should stop.