Street Fighter 5 Revenge meter, Ultra, EX Combo analysis

Following on from the official reveal of Street Fighter 5 as a PS4 exclusive, we are pleased to see that Capcom has now shown off the very first Street Fighter 5 live gameplay in a competitive match with Ryu against Chun Li.

We now have that gameplay to show you, but even better a breakdown for all of the new Street Fighter 5 features that we see with regards to the various combo meters.

Capcom has added a new Street Fighter 5 Revenge Meter for example, while there’s also EX meters at the bottom of the screen and possible Chip damage in Street Fighter 5 as well.


We have to admit, the first time we saw this live gameplay, we immediately thought that Street Fighter 5 bears some similarities to Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, based on the subtle change in graphics but more importantly, the more hardcore approach to the combo system.

It looks like Capcom is once again making Street Fighter 5 very appealing to hardcore fighting game fans and this first gameplay basically confirms that you are going to need to spend months mastering all of the different combo variables before even thinking of going online in a confident mood.

The analysis comes courtesy of YouTuber Joe Ciaramelli. Check it out below and let us know what you think about the game on first impressions. Do you think it’s a great thing if Capcom is taking inspiration from SFIII: 3rd Strike?

More importantly, can it beat Tekken 7?



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