PS Plus January 2015 game predictions bring reward

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 15, 2014

We already know about some PlayStation Plus January 2015 games that were confirmed early for the lineup, although the official community moderators want gamers to predict the full game lineup for PS Plus in January, 2015. You will be able to make a couple of guesses in December, for next months games, and the winners that get “all games correct” will receive a prize.

An example of one prediction for the full January 2015 PS Plus free games lineup was given within a blog post. This predicted The Swapper and Infamous: First Light for PS4, although these titles had confirmed next to them after they had been named officially already. For PS Vita we saw Toukiden and Olli Olli mentioned, then Resident Evil: Revelations and Rain for PS3. Please remember, the only confirmed titles were for PS4.


What games would you like to see on PS Plus in Jan 2015? The official guess thread can be found here, so leave your predictions for each platform and you could get lucky if you get them 100 percent correct.

While some of you would love to see the DriveClub PS Plus release date, especially after the false promises so far, the rules won’t allow for such a game to be mentioned.

The official rules from Sony: If you join in this debate at the official page above, then you need to know the rules. In a nutshell, you need to guess all 6 games within the one message, but feel free edit your posts if needed. Within your prediction for PS Plus Jan 2015 free games it should include 2 PS Vita titles, 2 for PS3, and of course the confirmed games for PS4.

You also cannot name games that have been within the IGC lineup before, as you won’t see repeats. It’s also good to remember leaks could be posted, but you shouldn’t count them as confirmed and things could change before next year. Feel free to also leave your predictions on Product Reviews below.

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    i dont know but i love to try a ps3 games on my ps4 and play some games such as uncharted and heavy rain or god of war

  • GamerGirlSlayer

    Would like to see Beyond two souls and Middle earth Shadow of Mordor.

    • Dace Hawke

      Yeah it Def won’t be shadows, beyond I could see maybe but not likely.


      no why
      this would be Suicide to their Franchise

  • Tobey

    Resident Evil Revelations on PS3 would be ideal for me in Jan.

  • Lewis

    I would love Toukiden on PS Vita in Jan. Rain on PS3 would also be a nice touch.

    • Josh101

      Toukiden is awesome. You should just get it. It’s an amazing game. Soul Sacrifice and Freedom Wars are must have’s as well.