Pokemon ORAS Volcanion event with Mauville mystery

It looks like we may still be some time away from an official Pokemon ORAS Volcanion event date in the game. We know that many of you are asking how to get Volcanion in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, but for now Volcanion’s location remains a mystery.

That’s not to say that the exciting Fire/Water type isn’t in the game though, as there is already evidence that suggests Game Freak could be adding an event during the lifecycle of Pokemon ORAS in 2015.

Those who already have a Volcanion in Pokemon ORAS though by ‘hacking’ Pokemon X and Y, have discovered that you can trigger Volcanion’s event dialogue at the TV station in Mauville City.


You can see what unfolds in the clip that we have added below, but you can clearly see Volcanion mentioned by name and also find out some other interesting information.

However, there’s no Volcanion item attached to this conversation presumably as Game Freak has not added it in yet. We do wonder if the fact that this Pokemon has been hacked to death is the main reason why we haven’t heard about a Volcanion event code yet – or Hoopa for that matter.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing Volcanion mystery? Do you think there’s a good chance that we will see an official release next year, or do you think that Game Freak will save Volcanion for Pokemon ‘Z’ that we hear rumored at the moment?



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